5 Web Design Blunders That Make the Entire Website Look Dumb

web design blunders

Have you ever watched a film so dumb that it is actually good?

Perhaps yes. There is a separate genre of movies that focus on nonsense comedy which does look dumb but serves the purpose of entertaining people.

But, web designing does not follow the same. If you commit a mistake that makes the whole design look nonsensical, it can damage your credibility along with the goodwill of your organization. Well, it is true that web designing is a strenuous job, and at times, some silly mistakes skip the notice of even the most skilled professionals.

So before you can even take measures to prevent these blunders, you need to acknowledge them first. And in this blog, we will be trying to identify the mistakes that make a web design look stupid.

1. Repetitive clicks

Anyone, who has been into doing web design for a considerable amount of time, knows that increasing the number of clicks to get to the required information turns users off.

However, a lot of web designers (willingly or unwillingly) build the pages in isolation and forget to consider the route to the content which is getting longer with the inclusion of each page.

If you are a user, and you have to click through several pages to get to the information you need, will you consider the website for further use? Perhaps not.

So when you are working on an educational website like essay or assignment help services, examine how the users reach the desired content, and see if a more direct approach can be introduced to make it easier for the users.

2. Forgetting the primary elements

It may be a completely different approach for some businesses, but ignoring the primary design elements (navigation, brand name, information accessibility, etc.) of the website is one of the common mistakes that make the presentation look weird.

Usually, when a web designer introduces too many customizations on a website, it often ends up distracting the readers from the actual content.

However, a user may also get repelled if the website does not include the primary elements of web designing. Ideally, there should be a balance. Otherwise, the page may end up looking dumb.

While talking about the use of design elements, it is also necessary to mention about the graphics, images, banners and other essential elements as well.

You are creating the website for your audience. So your intention should be to make the website make more appealing to the audience and pushing them to take the desired actions.

3. Faulty filters and facets

The purpose of facets and filters is to enhance the user experience by narrowing down their search and helping them find the desired resource, product or quality website content writing.

However, these facets and filters can ridicule the entire web design if there is an error while setting up the filters in the first place.

The filters and facets help define the search space for the users, but there needs to be separate approach while working in the different contexts.

For instance, you may like to include separate filters when you are designing a page for computer hard disks. It won’t work if you add the same filters here which you used for the apparel category.

How would you feel if you want to locate a fine dining restaurant, but the top 10 results don’t even have restaurants on the list? You get the point, right?

As a web designer, you need to tag the content correctly and reliably so that when a user searches using a filter, he/she gets the right kind of results. You don’t want the website to look stupid in front of the consumers.

4. Making it hard to find the information

As mentioned previously, it is crucial to understand that the convenience of the user should always be your priority as a web designer. If the user has to work hard to find the desired information, it means you have failed as a web designer.

Ideally, a homepage should provide the user with the links to the pages like FAQs, How It Works, Contact Us, etc. which are the major things that users look for in a page.

When you are creating the navigational layout for a particular website, you need to consider the most frequent needs of your target audience and make the corresponding pages easy to locate.

If you can’t fit all the necessary links on the homepage, at least put the search bar. That way, the users can at least locate the things they are looking for with a direct approach.

5. Not keeping the website up-to-date

As a web designer, you must be familiar with the fact that in order to sustain in the dynamic environment, you need to keep the website up-to-date.

Whether it’s the theme of the website, the plug-ins or the other crucial aspects like the license – everything needs to be updated in compliance with the requirements of the consumers.

If you are designing a website that seems outdated in comparison to the latest websites, it would seem pretty stupid from the consumer’s point of view.

Thankfully, the web designing platforms like WordPress and others can auto-update their crucial elements once they are configured properly. So that saves you from the embarrassment.

However, you need to install real-time protection like iThemes Security or Wordfence along with a CAPTCHA option to strengthen the security of the website and keep the automated attacks away.

Bottom Line

They say, “To err is human…” – Everyone makes mistakes, but you aren’t allowed to make blunders that make the whole organization (for whom you are making the website) look dumb in front of the audience.

So do review your work, once you finish designing a website. It will not only help you improve your work, but will also save you from a lot of embarrassments.

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