Working Online? Here Are Some Tips To Be More Productive

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As the Covid-19 Pandemic rages across the world, more and more governments including Australia are imposing work-from-home and lockdown measures in order to curb the spread of the disease.

Work-from-home or WFH is a good option for companies and businesses and their employees because it allows continuation of the business. Implementing this kind of feature wherever possible provides security not only for the business but for the workers as well.

The main problem with WFH is that it can be distracting to actually work from home. Children and other distractions like the TV and fridge can impact productivity.

If you’re working from your residence right now, here are some tips that can get you through the day and prevent productivity from dropping.

Space For Home Office

Not all of us have a home office. One of the best ways to get into work mode is to find a separate space in your home and make it into a work space. For example, you can convert a small room and put a desk, computer and other office essentials so it mimics your work setting and help you concentrate.

Space for Home Office

If you don’t have a room available that can be converted into a home office, you can rearrange some stuff in the living room for example and make a small cubicle and transform it into your work space. This is a good idea if you live alone. However, it can still be distracting especially since everybody is cooped up indoors right now but a few rules imposed can keep you focused on work.

Working from the bedroom or kitchen is strongly discouraged even if you live alone. The kitchen is usually the hub of the home. The kitchen experiences a lot of foot traffic since the fridge and probably mom is usually found there.

The bedroom is off limits for a very obvious reason. It can be hard to concentrate there when there’s a very inviting bed a few steps away.

Having a clear space for work in your home will tell your brain that you’re not at home; you’re at work which will help you focus on tackling assignments that need your attention.

Rules Rules Rules

WFH individuals will probably have family members or roommates that are also WFH. If this is the case, it is important to have a set of rules that will help everybody stay productive.

For example, if you have a home office make sure that people at home know not to disturb you during working hours unless of course it’s an emergency. You can keep the door closed as a sign to avoid disturbing and open it to let them know that they can talk to you for a bit.

If you don’t have home office but have a dedicated working space, make sure that your kids or family members stay in another part of the house. Tell them that the perhaps the living room or den is off limits at certain hours of the day.

Other rules like no loud music, schedules for coffee breaks, snacks or lunch should also be implemented as well as other instructions like no screaming and not talking loudly. Have rules that will remind everybody to respect your working hours and make sure that they understand everything so that it is easier to comply.

Have A Buddy

Family members and roommates are great but having a work buddy can help you get into work mode. For example, you can have periodic video or phone conferences with your team or cubicle mate to make sure that you are reminded that you’re at work.

You can schedule your conferences or reassure each other that you are available for a quick chat over the phone or through text.

Stick To Routine

Everybody has a work routine they follow and this is usually different from other people. There are people who make the coffee as soon as they come in. There are also others who organize their desk or check their email upon arrival at the office.

Even if you’re just in your living room, make sure to follow the same routine. Having a work routine helps to establish good habits and following a specific pattern of activity helps you remain productive. Routine helps you to allocate time better so that you can accomplish assignments that need attention during your work day.

Don’t Forget To Communicate Often


Communication is the backbone of an organization. Effective communication helps get things done quickly and communicating often and clearly can help accomplish goals even when you’re working from home.

Communication is even more important now that everybody is at home. While face-to-face communication is still better since it gets the point across more clearly, communicating via email, phone and video conferencing is still better than no communication at all.

Communicating frequently makes it easier for everybody to understand information accurately.

Wrap Up

Working from home is easier if you have digital solutions available for your company or business. The right applications can help boost your brand and expand awareness. Having the right tools and programs can make your dreams into reality.

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