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10 Huge Website Design Errors That Damage Your SEO

Web design is much more than the visual appeal of a website. What’s going on beneath the surface is just as important as the ‘look’ of a website. Your website design choices can have a significant impact on SEO and the likelihood of your customers finding you in search results. Good website design choices set...
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The Importance of UX for Websites

In today’s world, people demand a swift website user experience, backed by outstanding visuals and navigation capabilities. An outstanding user interface and design are essential to rein in new visitors and deliver a satisfying experience. User experience (UX) implies an optimal website visitor experience website connected to the quality of interaction between the site and...
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5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Invest In Cloud Storage

Many businessmen originally thought that cloud storage was for personal use and therefore did not pay the technology any attention. However, cloud technology soon became “personal technology” adapted for business purposes. Today cloud storage provides valuable solutions for businesses of all sizes. Cloud storage, security and software are taking over technology but transition usually starts...
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7 Ecommerce Store Conversion Hacks to Grow Sales

The effectiveness of e-commerce sites is reviewed based on conversion rates. In fact, the conversion rate acts as one of the main KPIs in e-commerce sites. Whether you’re starting a new e-commerce store or having a standing online store, the ultimate goal is to increase the e-commerce conversion rate.  On the internet, there are millions of...
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Business Trends To Watch In The Post COVID World

Life on the planet before COVID-19 seems so far away. Many businesses had to close while others are barely hanging in there due to the economic impact of the pandemic. Thanks to vaccine developments, immunization efforts are underway and the world is slowly emerging to a post COVID world that is very different from what...
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How Link Outreach Will Help Your Website Build Authority

How Link Outreach Will Help Your Website Build Authority Is domain authority (DA) a worthwhile metric or a meaningless waste of time? The answer to this depends entirely on which SEO you’re talking to. Some swear by DA while others consider it a pointless vanity metric. The confusion perhaps arises because domain authority is not...
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5 Simple Steps to Digitize your Small Business to Combat the Impact of CoVid

CoVid has impacted every business in Australia, but small businesses without an online presence have felt that impact ten-fold and have had to cope with the new societal norms and the new ‘remote’ way of working. And just when we thought that things were getting better, Melbourne is in lockdown again and partial restrictions are...
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Personalization Gone Wrong: User Enragement and The Wicker Man Website

A dark cloud of poor UX has been gathering across the internet, and web designers are the ones responsible. Recent years have seen more and more awful browsing experiences across business websites of every industry. It’s not that web designers have suddenly lost all talent, or that the quality of content has plummeted. It’s that...
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Digital Lessons From 2020

COVID-19 was perhaps the top news of 2020. The disease impacted many lives and will forever change the way we live. Australians and businesses in the country were also greatly affected by the virus. Even though government and the country as a whole fared better compared to other places like the United States and Europe,...
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