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Best Practices In Mobile App Design In 2022

Designing a mobile app with a positive user experience is no longer optional in today’s world. It’s critical to optimise your app to near-perfect levels if you want it to succeed and grow your business. It’s no longer enough to make a minimal update to a website’s design to make it mobile-friendly.  This will impact...
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7 Tips to Improve Your Website In 2022

Did you know that most visitors only spend about 5 seconds on your website before deciding whether to stay or leave? You don’t have all the time of the day to impress your visitors with your website or to persuade them to take action with you. According to Neilson Norman Group, users are likely to...
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Best TikTok Marketing Tips

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet today. It is mainly used by young people to share videos of themselves dancing, singing or reacting to videos. Nowadays, TikTok has exploded to become a platform for selling. Influencers and their products are flocking to TikTok to try and sway...
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Tech Startups: Mistakes You Want To Avoid

Having passion, vision and motivation are some of the prerequisites when entering the world of startups. The Harvard Business Review writes that two-thirds of startups never show a positive return. This kind of figure can be alarming especially if you’re a startup. It is normal for tech companies to encounter issues. Just like any other...
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Best Tools For Web Developers To Learn In 2022

Even the best web developers can struggle if they don’t have the right tools to do the job. Having the right tools at your fingertips can help increase your productivity whether you are a frontend or backend developer. This is why having and learning the right tools is important. Having powerful tools can save time...
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Go Local: A Guide On How To Hire Local Web Designers Near Me

Whether you need to set up an online store or simply need a location for your consumers to obtain information, a website is now a must-have for any business. With the rise of online marketing and services, having a functional, appealing website is crucial if you want to get your name out there and compete...
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creating website

5 Things to Consider When Creating An Ecommerce Website

It takes a lot of effort to start a business of any kind. Developing an idea and launching it can be a difficult—or at the very least, a time-consuming—process. A key step during the initial stages is coming up with a product idea and sourcing or creating your products. Fortunately, knowing how to create an...
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How to Improve Customer Experience For Your Ecommerce Website

Customer service is one of the most important features of an ecommerce website. It is one of the determining factors if you have a competent way of managing an online business. Customer service can help your business develop a good impression to your customer as many users nowadays, despite the advancement in technology, feel dissatisfied...
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ecommerce growth

How To Grow Your Ecommerce Business

It is more than just about setting up a website and uploading your products and services online. No matter how good the aesthetics or the visual appearance of your website, if you don’t have a concrete strategy to market what you are selling, you won’t be able to compete with other e-commerce businesses. This is...
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