Will Tomorrow’s Program Coding Happen Online with Web IDE?

There’s a new program coding editor, which is accessible not on your local hard disk drive but online.  Yes, Integrated Development Environment (IDE’S) will soon be held on the web.  It is thought that coding right straight into the browser can save up time and allows people to share and work together on a project’s code.

program coding happen online with web ide

Running your imagination on the possibility – and the web is full of possibilities – that tomorrow’s program coding will happen online with Web IDE is not such a bad idea.  This will lift heavy computing load from your local desktop to the browser.  The borderline of browser capability, can now be pushed another step further from just a simple HTML website code display to whatever work assignment you want the browser to perform, be it document finishing, image control, file collaboration, 3D presentation, and more.  All can be done through the web service.

You will have second thoughts if you will want to install anything on your computer now that you have an option to perform your coding with Web IDE.  All that needs to be done is make the initial step of signing up on a site and wallah! off you go coding.  In spite of this advantage, many developers are still hesitant to commit their coding on the web maybe because of the fact that it’s still something new and there hasn’t been a unanimous approval among the rest of the developers on the web.  But the tide is slowly turning to the favor of web IDE as there had already been a gradual acceptance of the new technique.  It has been observed that web IDE is slowly gaining leverage as it competes with desktop solution according to quality and efficiency.

Pitfall of coding offline

In the early times, web developments were being done offline first only mounting online after it has been fully completed.  This was reasonable back then when the internet speed was lagging.  And so, IDEs were mostly installed on local hard drives of personal computers for website developers to work offline.  This is not the case today, minimum speed is already sufficiently fast, plus there are tons of coding tools you can secure online.

Creating a website is comparable to constructing a building were all details of the plan including structural, electrical, plumbing, etc. are being implemented.  But contrary to building construction, the conventional method of website erection involved relocating the finished project to online server were it is being run for the first time.  This is akin to a newly constructed building being moved to a different area from where it was originally situated at the time when it was being built.  Such case introduces a lot of problems, as it wasn’t designed to fit in a new environment.  Many of its structural or piping layouts will mismatch the situation of the new location.

Of course, you don’t want to run a client’s website while you’re still building the codes.  That’s not the intention.  Instead, it would be wise to consider working the codes in a safe location of the server that nobody has access but you.  When it’s finished just simply deploy your work to live area.

Advantages in Using Web IDE

Online coding using web-based IDE is faster than standalone desktop IDE coding by 15 percent in development time.  This much difference can already do a lot in a day’s work to fast track the website construction.  The main advantages of working with web IDE are:

program coding happen online with web ide_advantage

Be able to work on your codes wherever you are and to whomever you want to share it with – web IDE allows you to work on your codes whether you’re in your office, at home, in an internet café, in any public place as long as you have your laptop, an internet browser and a good internet connection.  Collaboration with your teammates is easy too because your codes can be accessed online anytime anywhere.  It’s a big leap of advantage than working in isolation.

You can work regardless of what operating system platform you’re on.  There is no limitation as to what OS you will be using because you won’t be dealing with this problem.  As long as you have a computer with working OS – be it Unix, Linux, Windows, etc. – equipped with the latest browser, you’re all set.

You can save yourself from the clutter of too many programs to open.  The browser that you’re using for the web IDE will serve as your tool case for the coding work.  No multitude of confusing programs to simultaneously open and operate.

Speedy testing.  Testing your codes will be significantly faster with web IDE because you are building on the same environment you are deploying.  Therefore, problems you encounter are dealt only once.  When it is resolved, it is done.  You don’t have to face another problem when you run the site live.

Web IDEs You Can Use

program coding happen online with web ide shiftedit

In-demand web IDEs today are ShiftEdit, Cloud9, and CodeAnywhere.  Each is unique in its approach.  While quite a few will charge for a fee, others won’t.  Some may channel through FTP, and others direct you to copy your files into their system.  You may verify which solution offers the most suitable features you can use.  If you’re pondering and starting to doubt the capabilities and the overall quality of web IDE, don’t.  Popular web IDEs are very competitive in their features and the many users it served requires it to make updates weekly.  Among its special features include: automatic code completion, synergistic coding, interactive interfacing, express links to web services like Github, Dropbox, etc. and more.

If you seek the free alternative of the online coding solution, you may try ICEcoder or Aptana.  Although online coding may have some downside, like if you constantly upload graphics, it may take you a while.  Another thing is if you relocate enormous amount of data, a desktop IDE is more practical.  Nevertheless, improvements are under way and catching up fast, many developers are beginning to realize the power of web IDE and one day it will become the accepted way of coding.

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