: Why You Must Do It and When?

web redesign and redevelopmentPart of a website’s cyclic maintenance is a brand new look and feel. Website redesign and redevelopment is akin to having a facelift to give your site a fresh new appeal that reclaims back dwindling zest from audience. Tapping with the latest trends guarantees a modern design that enhances navigation and ease of use.

Although it would be true that you would be dealing with more difficulties in website redesign and redevelopment than when you completely start anew, stakeholders had to do it anyway sooner or later to make the difference between a thriving profitable business and the one that’s vegetating and wasting away. However, before you initiate the first act, you must learn when is the right time to make the overhaul and why. Thus, crucial to your decision is careful planning and to carry out each step in a deliberate and precise fashion.

Understanding the Timing of Website Redesign and Redevelopment

website redesign timingWebsite redesign and redevelopment could not be taken lightly because it carries a reputation of swallowing a huge chunk of your resources, be it time or money or both. Although minor changes and fixes – to be done regularly – is ideal. Eventually, a major renovation has to take place at some point in time.

It may sound intimidating at first, but when you have to push through to target set benchmarks for a higher performance level of your website you’ll find it helpful to examine closely your site’s analytics and performance metrics and discover vital clues.

Albeit there’s no ironclad rule to follow when redeveloping your site, but there are tell tale signs that give you the green light to call the shots.

  • Aging Website

    The web is a place of ongoing innovation and changes occur constantly at an accelerated rate. Changes happen as trends shift. So, keeping an eye on what’s going on and being watchful of the latest updates helps to keep your website at pace with current trends and stay always sharp in competition.

  • Business must expand

    website redesign whole expansion“Big things have small beginnings”, said Michael Fassbender of the blockbuster movie Prometheus. The metaphor perfectly fits the business world. When a budding business is carefully nurtured, over time, if all goes well, it will grow to become a huge enterprise. And, if it gets even luckier, evolve to become a conglomerate. During each stage of growth it screams for the need to scale up or expand the system as transactions are getting more and more complex. Therefore, its web presence must also evolve to manifest the true status of the business and this, of course, requires complete makeover or website redesign and redevelopment. Business growth demands because stakeholders need to anticipate the growth of clientele profile as well.

  • Close competition calls for it

    Part of your efforts to improve your chances of success is peeking over your competitor’s shoulders aside from closely observing your own. Close comparison of your website to those of your competitors will give you insight over what’s missing in yours that could be working for them. If they happen to have gotten a complete website makeover, which is earning them better conversion rates, then you might as well need to consider having one. Only this time being a follower shields you from the costly failures of the pioneers – that’s your leverage – you get to learn from their mistakes and effectively avoid them.

  • Aim to improve your site’s usability

    website redesign and redevelopment usability planUsability defines simplicity of the user interface of your website. Can users easily complete fundamental tasks? How soon can users learn and deliver them? Is proficiency easily achieved? How many false moves users make and how soon they recover? Are users satisfied? These questions are important to determine survival of your website because when your website is hard to understand, visitors won’t stay longer than three seconds – they quickly leave.

  • Conflict between brand image and concept

    Making sure that your website’s design is consistent with every theme and concept creates sensibility and holds good impression. This helps maintain loyalty in customers and invites new ones. If your site lacks the abstract harmony, then you lose that good impression and integrity is put into question. This will undermine your business and you’ll know its time for website redesign and redevelopment.

  • Incompatible with the latest plug-ins

    If your website experiences drag especially when loading images and graphics. If video streams are not running and if your website experiences distortion of content, it could be that you have incompatibility issues. Check if you have the latest plug-ins. If your site does not and couldn’t support the latest, then call the shots to push for website redesign and redevelopment. Avail the benefits of using Content Management System (CMS).

  • Traffic to sales conversion ratio is dismal

    Keeping yourself aware of your own metrics, such as traffic to sales conversion ratio gives you direct knowledge of the feasibility of your site – whether it is gaining or loosing. If this ratio continuously drops, find out the reason. There are many factors affecting this measurement – could be site usability problem, SEO problem, etc. Pinpointing the real cause helps your site get back on track.

Website redesign and redevelopment must proceed with the proper timing, deciding conscientiously why and when will draw the line between a wise move and a careless and wasteful one.

Author: Carl Pineda

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