People have been responding differently to the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of them are happy to spend time at home with their loved ones, finding comfort during this time of uncertainty while there are people who are itching to go back to how things were.

As social distancing measures begin easing in countries like South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, businesses are responding in different ways. We, like many other Australian businesses believe that it is important for companies to practice awareness when shaping their messages for social media that will benefit readers who are looking for information and comfort right now.

We have some tips for communities and other businesses that can help them utilize their social media channels responsibly during this time of the pandemic.

Revisit Marketing Strategy

Many countries and governments around the world ordered business shutdowns and issued shelter-in-place restrictions for their citizens. This has resulted in many people stuck at home with nothing to do other than work and hang out in social media platforms. This is why the message you send to your audience should be something along the lines of self-care and solidarity.

Begin by revisiting your marketing strategy. Check posts that you have scheduled and the ads you are currently running. Leave out anything that seems tone-deaf or inconsiderate during this time of hardships for many people.

If you normally post content several times a week, consider toning it down to 1 or 2 posts per week so that followers can easily see information from government and medical sources like WHO, Australian National Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and other voices with authority on this issue.

Get In Front Of The Camera

Ever since this pandemic started and people were asked to work from home, people who live by themselves have very limited contact with their families and co-workers. They are in need of human connection even if it’s just a friendly face they can ask questions or listen to on Facebook or Instagram Live.

You can host an AMA (ask me anything) that’s related to your industry or you can discuss your latest blog with your audience. Getting in front of the camera can be terrifying but it’s a great way to connect with your customers and audience.

Promote Your Business Tastefully

As social distancing measures ease in many states in Australia and even in countries like South Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan, more businesses are reopening and are getting back to their normal promotion methods. While promotions are necessary for businesses, there are ways you can approach this:

  • Incorporate the “business as usual” to your promotion methods. Talk about your brand’s mission, projects that you’re proud of and what you’re selling but do so in moderation.
  • Show what value you can provide customers during and after this pandemic. Use your expertise and apply it to the Covid-19 pandemic so that you are acting as a resource to people who are scared or looking for credible information.

Be Careful With Your Language


Many people have died, are still sick and are directly affected by this pandemic. This is why it is important to remember that it is a sensitive topic for many people. So be careful how you write your messages, content and promotional materials.

For instance “We have a fever hot sale” or “Her smile is contagious”. While these are normally cute and funny, many people might not see it so.

Share Positivity

Is it really okay to stay positive on social media when so many people are sick, dying and grieving?

We say YES, because social media is a good place to inspire, start conversations and spread good news. There is a lot of sadness, loneliness and negativity in the world right now and many people need cheering up and comfort. Social media is the best place for uplifting, inspiring and consoling.


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainty to many nations and people around the world. While some countries seem to be winning the war against the virus, many governments are still battling to keep it under control.

As Australia emerges from months long lockdowns and stay-at-home restrictions and businesses begin to operate again, all of us have to get used to doing business in this “new normal”.

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