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Top Tips For Creating A One Page Website

One-page websites have proved the critics wrong and have continued to be used more frequently.  If you are considering creating a one-page website though, there are a few things that you should consider first, so here are some top tips to get you started:

Get To The Point!

If you are thinking of creating a one page website, then realistically you won’t have a huge amount of content to incorporate.  This isn’t a bad thing, personally I wish more websites would get straight to the point, many people will only skim read websites any way.  So if you are limited in terms of the amount of content that you have, or can fit in, then get straight to the point.  Your website visitors will appreciate it!

Don’t Forget Fundamentals

Even though you are operating with a single page, you can still incorporate the fundamentals of  quality and effective website design, for example there is nothing stopping you from using say a two column structure in order to easily display some content.

You should also look to make your website cross browser compatible and don’t forget about accessibility – you don’t want to alienate your potential visitors from your website.

One Page Website Design

An example of a one page website design

Simple Navigation

Your Navigation menu is likely to be quite simple as you won’t have a huge amount of content to link to.  Like the content itself, cut away any of the unnecessary items and if needed group the sections together for the navigation bar.  As an example, if you are a small web designing company, you may have “about us” in your navigation menu, where your content section covers information about the team collectively and individually.

This would be easier and more logical to use than having “about us” and perhaps “about Dave” as a submenu option.  Also, don’t omit the “home” option from the menu, users are trained to see this, not doing so will frighten them!

Logical Structure

The structure of the website needs to be logical.  Typically your key information will be presented as the first item that your visitors will see, this is likely to be who you are and what you do.  Potentially underneath that you can elaborate a little bit more and then go through your key pieces of content.  Logically it makes sense to have a contact form and any social media plugins (such as a facebook like box) at the end of your content.

Be Creative!

One page websites offer a great opportunity for you to be creative with the design of your website.  In reality a plain looking one page website will stick out a lot more than a plain and dull looking multi page website.  You can use this opportunity to help showcase your design skills, or help drive home a key part of your brand.

This article is written by Jonathan Walker of Cardiff based Spindogs Web Design agency

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