Bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit your website and leave without clicking any links or viewing any other pages on your website. A high bounce rate indicates that your pages are not engaging your visitors. As a result, they will not generate traffic for you and you will not be able to direct them to a sales page.

So what will a low bounce rate give you? A sign that your website needs a serious makeover is when you see a high bounce rate. Low bounce rate means higher search engine ranking, more leads, more clients, and high conversion rate. In this article, we will show you what you can do to boost your conversion rate so you can build a successful website that generates search traffic on a consistent basis.

Listed below are 3 effective and proven ways that will reduce bounce rate and increase conversions for your website:

1. Improve Your Content’s Readability

While relevant and authentic content adds value to your website, user experience occurs when your content is readable and legible. A website with great content is nothing if it comes with lousy formatting and boring design.

Here are helpful tips to help you present your content and make it more appealing:

  • Use subheadings only when needed
  • Use bullet points to highlight important details
  • Bold important keywords only
  • Use images when necessary

2. Update Your Website Regularly

Regularly updating your content will not only generate leads but will also rank you higher in search engines. But it’s important to note that regular updates should come with the right and enticing content. If you have the right content, you will attract the right visitors who will engage in your website.

With fresh content, you can build and establish trust with your readers. And when they trust you, they will visit your website regularly. If people visit, view, and look at other parts of your website, there is a great possibility that you have developed trust with them and they will return.

3. Develop a Need to Explore Your Site Further

One of the most popular ways of engaging your readers is by adding links to pages within your website in your content. In our own experience, a reader is more likely to buy a product if he is educated. So instead of focusing on directing your visitors to a sales page, direct them to a page that will educate them.

Use your sidebar wisely, add content to your sidebar that all your visitors will love. An example would be your most read content, your newest post, and your latest products.

The Bottomline

There are countless ways to reduce the bounce rate of your website. The truth of the matter is addressing user experience will positively impact your bounce rate. Making your website user-friendly, enticing, and neat should be your first step. Focusing on giving the best for your reader will produce the results you are looking for.

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