The Holy-Grail for PHP Developers

Php DevelopmentAs PHP developers, we are always looking for new age and competitive tips to horn our skills and be at the top of our game. While the demand of PHP development rises in the entire world, let us not let the pressure get the better of us, and remain focused on improving our skills and expertise. If you are the one looking for tips and suggestions to improve your skills at PHP, you have, by the grace of God (or competitive SEO perhaps) have stumbled upon the right place. Further in the article, we are going to discuss 7 fundamentals which every a developer must know, in order to augment his or her PHP development skills.  Have a look, to know more:


Breathe in and just understand the project!

A lot of good offshore PHP development companies follow it and it will serve you a great deal of purpose, if you could just get to the heart of the project, understand what it’s for, what it aims to achieve and how it aims to do that?

A sense of direction which you get after such an analysis is a prerequisite in developing value-adding and highly resourceful applications.


Don’t let Lerdorf discourage you; Use a framework, wherever you need to!

Rasmus LerdorfA person named Rasmus Ledorf proved that it actually takes more time with a framework to develop a “Hello World” application. So what? That does not mean you have to abandon the frameworks. Simply because well, we are doing serious business here and not just developing frivolous “Hello World” puzzles.
For a large scale application, you are going to use a framework anyway. And there is nothing wrong with it. Just do not over do it and ensure that it does not completely cloud the performance of the website. Nothing in extremes, everything in moderation; that’s the key here.


Avoid the epic *face-palm*; draw before you code!

Always start from the basics, no matter where you reach in life. Start with drawing the coding structures, before beginning to code. This will save you that much loathsome face-palm mode, where you sit stuck in the middle of your coding spree, unable to decide what to do next.

A true mark of a seasoned developer is how early and easily he gets the basics rights, as against to avoiding the basics altogether.


Go OOPs NOW, in case you haven’t!

Object Oriented ProgrammingNot complying to the object oriented programming is no longer a disadvantage, but just a sheer conceited, self-inflicted and perilous act of lagging far behind. OOPS is primarily a new age concept of programming that uses classes and objects, and allows the developers to steer clear of repeating the codes by reusing the already existing ones, as and when required.

OOP is a faster and much advanced way of coding and developing applications, and allows the developers to optimally utilize the available resources and come up with large scale applications, with much lesser codes. If you haven’t yet embraced the revolutionary trend, you might as well just follow another passion of yours and kiss the coding world goodbye, for the two of you now belong to separate two worlds.


And while you are at it, kiss “_once()” goodbye too!

And the reason we say that is pretty obvious – both include_once() and require_once() are extremely harsh on the resources of the server. And this is just a case beyond repair. PHP is made to be this way, and hence we cannot help it, other than ensuring there is no mention of _once() in the coding. No, not even just once!

Besides, if you carry out the coding efficiently, we are sure you will not even require this treacherous bit of coding anyway.


Switch on that Error Reporting, please!

Error Reporting PHPNow that we are in the world where we are constantly rewarded for working smart instead of hard, it is about time we imbibed that in our much loved coding world too. Before starting the project, simply turn on the E_ALL and only turn it off just a moment before commencing the production. This way you identify a tiny little fragment of the error, which might just grow up to be the pain in the …, well you know where.


Lastly, close this window, go and code

Php Developers

So, enough of reading now! You have got all that you need to know about developing full fleshed, feature rich PHP applications. You are not going to get any better if you just sit and read about it. So go, develop something. No matter how basic or simple it is. There is a charm in simple applications. Once through, develop something more and allow yourself to experience the joy of experiments and in the process learn the intricacies of efficient coding. No one can make you learn that, you have to discover it on your own.

The world of PHP development has no end now. It is diverse, vast and actively used by businesses and Offshore PHP Development companies from all over the world. To remain at par with these changing trends, hire PHP developers at flexible prices and working hours, and get yourself a highly power packed and faultless PHP application.



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Celin is writer cum PHP Developer working for PHP Development Company, having expertise in PHP Development, CakePHP Web Development and expert in Hire PHP Developer.



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