The Growth of the Australian eCommerce Web Design Industry

The Growth of the Australian eCommerce Web Design Industry


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The emergence of eCommerce was greeted with skepticism by Australians in the 1990’s.  While Europe and the US immediately jumped into the eCommerce bandwagon, Australia held back and only a few companies saw the need to make their products and services available online.  Online shoppers were only a measly fraction of the overall shopper population.  This was mainly caused by the public’s distrust to online transactions and the credibility of eMarketers.

However, this dismal greeting to the eCommerce revolution is but a thing of the past.  With the turn of the century, Australian companies started catching up with their European and American counterparts.  More and more companies saw the benefits and the wide market ready to be tapped in the worldwide web.  Websites were being created by the hundreds up to the thousands daily.  In 2009, online marketing in Australia grew in an amazing 22% of businesses.

With the growth of the eCommerce industry, web designs became a staple in every company. Australian web designers also adapted the latest technologies in website design and marketing, thus, enabling clients to enhance their business processes and achieve optimum positive results.  Web design trends started from easy-to-use and simple templates to highly sophisticated customised eCommerce platforms such as Magento.

The Australian eCommerce industry did not stop in just creating websites and ensuring that they are functional, user-friendly and could achieve high search engine ranking.  Marketing analysis also became a key point in the eCommerce revolution.  Social media marketing, search engine marketing, web analytics and conversion rate analysis are only a few of the must-have tools and analysis every online company should employ.  These analyses are geared to achieving maximum results in the ever-changing, challenging and competitive market of eCommerce.

Getting a highly efficient and professional web designer is a critical point in keeping up with the latest trend in the Australian web design industry.  Australia is home to a lot of reliable web design companies.  Finding a company that can give you the kind of services you need and deserve at a reasonable price is just at the tips of your fingers.  Start scouring the net and look for a dependable and competent partner in the eCommerce world.

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