Ecommerce platform allows a business to process buying and selling through the internet. It has been the most competitive industry in the market today. Due to the pandemic, a lot of companies have turned to the ecommerce industry. It is one of the major channels that helped a lot of small businesses to continuously operate.

Thanks to ecommerce industry, a small online shop can reach a big audience at a global scale. Small businesses can gain their business success with the right strategy by choosing the best ecommerce website builders. Choosing the best ecommerce platform that will suit what kind of products and services you offer is one key to achieve your goals. Consider a lot of factors in selecting the ecommerce site for your business in terms of security and the features you need. You don’t want to create an ecommerce platform that is meant for larger enterprises that have a more complex interface.

In this blog post, we will be discussing three of the top ecommerce platforms and what might be the best among them for your small business.


For small business owners, one feature that they would need is an easy-to-manage site. Shopify has an admin that helps in the overall management of your built online store. You don’t need to deal with software updates and running the servers. 

Shopify has a feature that lets you manage your own products, inventory, and all the essential aspects of managing an e-commerce store that you might need. Another good quality of using this platform is that it accepts electronic payment, fraud protection, PCI compliance and can integrate with social media networks such as Facebook and Google. 

This platform has a monthly subscription but most users consider their fee as a low cost compared to other sites. The only cons here are the hidden charges but have always been saved by the saying “you’ll get what you pay for.” Their basic features make it ideal for small businesses. You’ll get what you need, you just have to manage your store and think of good marketing strategies and use the ecommerce tools available wisely.


It is one of the most popular electronic commerce platforms. It has an easy-to-manage interface and is cost-effective. Although setting up your online business here is a bit of a challenge, once you’ll learn the basics through tutorials you will then find how simple the platform offers. It is open-source software that is free to download but it needs a domain and web hosting. If you already have WordPress, then this will be as easy as you can imagine. You can start building your business online by downloading the Plugin and activating it.

One of the advantages of Woocommerce is that it does not use any licensing fee which gives you the freedom to create many online stores you wish to have. It is very flexible to use and you can gain access to many WordPress plugins for free. You can use it to add more features to your sites such as a Security firewall and forms. You can enjoy unlimited products and make unlimited sales. It has no restriction on e-commerce transactions. For the payment, it supports Paypal and Stripe but you can also use other payment gateways such as Square by linking it to Woocommerce.


Wix is one of the most user-friendly ecommerce platforms, offering simple ways to create serverless computing and no-code websites. It is very simple to set up your online store using Wix. It offers a variety of ready-made templates that you can customise and use. You just have to edit, upload your products and listings, re-design according to the brand of your business. It also offers a mobile-optimised version of your store which is really ideal because a lot of potential customers use a mobile phone. It has a search engine optimisation plan to help your business rank higher in Google. This platform is so basic to use that without so much effort you will be able to build a customer relation, generate leads and accept payment easily using different methods. This is good for small businesses as you can create your site for free and later on upgrade to a business basic plan for marketing.


To make the ideal decision for your online store, you’ll need to evaluate a number of things. You will have to consider the packages a platform has to offer. You can get the best out of a budget-friendly platform.  Pick the site that has the features capability to help you in your business such as responsive web design, built-in integration, mobile-optimised site and other marketing tools. Do not choose a platform just because it’s on the top trend. Do not choose a platform just because it’s on the top trend. The best ecommerce platform will greatly depend on your needs.

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