SEO or search engine optimization is important for generating traffic for your website and boosting conversion rates. This is the reason why many companies have SEO strategies. But is it the right strategy?

Many businesses just go with the flow when it comes to SEO. They also tend to copy their competitors’ strategy and follow online trends for search engines. This can be a huge mistake because standard SEO will not make your business standout or increase sales. You can think of this as the difference between buying off-the-rack clothes versus buying tailor made ones. Many people will wear the same clothes as you when you buy mass produced clothing but tailor made ones are unique to your needs.

Therefore it is better to use SEO techniques to address the needs of your company rather than relying on generic SEO strategy. Handcrafted SEO is the next big thing in digital marketing and here are reasons why you should go for it.

It’s Tailor Made for Your Company

Just like any tailor made piece of clothing, handcrafted SEO is designed specifically for the needs of your company. For example if your company sells computers online then search terms like “computers online” will not generate a lot unique visits. There are many companies who will target the same search terms and your company will get lost in the sea of search results if you don’t handcraft keywords that are unique to your business.

You might get traffic with standard SEO techniques but you won’t be able to convert them into sales without handcrafted SEO.

Targets Your Audience Directly

Standard SEO techniques target a generic audience. This is good for traffic but not so good for sales. If you want your leads to turn into sales you need a specialized technique that is designed to target your desired audience directly.

Handcrafted SEO strategies designed specifically for your business. If your business is located in Australia then your customers will most likely be Australian. Therefore your keywords should be “computers online Australia”. This method will make it easier for you to succeed in targeting an Australian customer who is more likely to buy from you compared to international customers. In this regard handcrafted SEO has the potential to directly reach customers and result in sales.

Improves Page Rank

Customers are more likely to buy products from websites that rank high on search engines. Think about it, do you really click the next page button when you search online?

You can improve search engine ranking with handcrafted SEO. Once you tailor your keywords to target your customers, improve backlinks only to relevant sites and employ other handcrafted SEO techniques, you will be in prime position to reach your target audience. As more people visit your website your search engine ranking will improve because more people will click the link rather than just browse through. Improved rankings can translate to more sales.

While handcrafted SEO techniques are still a relatively new concept there will be new developments as technology improves. Still these techniques will benefit your company by attracting new customers, generating new leads and improving sales.

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