Many websites live today aren’t performing as they should. With Black Friday coming up, many of these websites will crash or suffer security breaches which can translate to headaches and loss of sales to the owners.

The good news is that many website owners are finally catching on. They are beginning to realize that something has to change so that they can deliver a seamless and problem free experience to their visitors and customers.

In order to provide customers with a fast and secure websites, many owners and developers are switching to self-hosted solutions such as Magento and WooCommerce. They enable ecommerce websites to perform and scale at levels they should.


Did you know that Google recommends sites to load within 3 seconds?

Using this benchmark, many ecommerce websites aren’t performing as they should. Slow loading speed can impact sales especially in a very competitive market.


As we all know, customers are now relying more on mobile devices not only to browse the web but also to do their shopping. If a customer lands on your website but it does not load fast enough, they could go to your competitor and buy from them instead. This can have a huge impact on your operating cost because customer acquisition costs are rising every year.

Mobile First

In connection to the above example, mobile shopping is taking over retail. According to statistics from eMarketer, over 30% of sales in 2019 will be coming from ecommerce sites and if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you can lose a lot of money and customers.

The same study shows that 52% of customers said that a bad experience on a website on mobile would result in them less likely to engage with the brand. This means that responsiveness and performance is important in keeping customers happy.


Fast loading websites can also affect ranking in search engine results pages. Google has factored in website loading speeds in their SERPs ranking. According to MOZ, websites that load slowly do not get all their pages indexed during the allocated crawl budget time. This results in lower rankings from Google.


Scalability & Flexiblity

Performance isn’t just about speed. Many ecommerce sites are now realizing that scalability should also be an important part in designing a website. they need to find the right platform so their business has room to grow.

Consumer habits and desires are changing. Retail giant Amazon has set the bar high when it comes to online shopping so customers now have the same expectations when it comes to other ecommerce stores.

In order to stay competitive, ecommerce websites also need to be flexible. Website developers and ecommerce owners need to consider creating a customized user experience for their customers. This will help differentiate themselves from other brands.

Take Away

Performance, speed, scalability and flexibility all matter. If you don’t prioritize them, your business will have a hard time surviving in the internet.

A Sydney Ecommerce Website designer can help you better connect with customers. Responsive web design practices can help boost sales while fostering scalability and reliability.

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