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Quit Social Media and Do Something Useful


Quit Social Media and Do Something Useful

Did you just start your day checking on your Twitter, Facebook, email, text messages?  Before you can get a splash to your face when you rise up in the morning to prepare for a day’s work, did you find yourself answering to tweets first, sending messages with your iPhone, checking your inbox, etc. and the next thing you know your dashing to catch a cab because you’re late for work, even missing breakfast?  If you did all these, then you’re a seriously distracted person, gripped by the deadly talons of social media addiction.  Wake up! Get a grip on reality! Quit social media now and do something useful.

A survey done by on employees who are avid social media users reveal a harrowing cost of productivity flushed down the drain amounting to $10,375 for every employee every year.  That’s the operating cost a company suffers when its employees are busy busting hours interacting online chats, opening emails, or getting diverted to facebook to update profiles, check photos, and make comments all done during working hours.  For a large scale business holding a thousand employees this type of cost easily translates to $10 million per year.  That’s a lot of money wasted.

It is ironic to see how social media, which is meant to fast track communication processes and enhance availability to save businesses time and money, is actually doing the exact opposite.  There is a vicious encroachment of online compulsive practices in the work environment.  The survey noted the following media distractions:

Sure enough social media has helped, in multiple ways, promote many business brands online.  But however perfect a promo tool social media can be, it sure can bring onboard a handful of undesirable side effects if left unchecked.  Aside from the alarming cost social media distractions may bring, the effects of multitasking social media can take a toll on creativity skills of every person to formulate solutions to problems, to contemplate deeply on issues at hand, to effectively analyze puzzles and most importantly to accomplish target deadlines.

Misuse of social media is bad for many firms.  Employees are getting distracted from their real work, spending lesser time than usual and loosing focus in situations that might demand their analytical competence.  If it helps stop the damage from permeating any further, then to quit social media right then and there appears to be the appropriate thing to do.  This doesn’t mean however quitting social media altogether, but learning to use it more appropriately so it can be beneficial instead of being detrimental.

There are ways to cut your impulsive online proclivities and start doing more useful and productive things.

Be a master of self-discipline quit social media time wasters and spend your time only on things that give value to your purpose because wasted time cannot be replenished, lost time cannot be regained.

Author:  Carmichael Pineda

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