Planning your Ecommerce Web Design – A Checklist


Planning your Ecommerce Web Design – A Checklist

Planning your ecommerce web design can be a formidable task to the uninitiated – so why do you need an ecommerce site and how do you find the right information and the right help to put it all together?

Well if you are planning to sell your products or services online, you need an ecommerce site, such as Magneto, to bring your customers and your products or services together. Many business owners today may not actually have a physical presence – they only sell online.

Even if you have an office or store, in today’s world of high-tech and high-speed living, an online presence and an ecommerce site is essential to your ROI.

So where do you start? Well here are 4 essential steps to acquiring your first ecommerce site:

  1. Web design – you need a website for your business. This may sound simple but if you don’t have an engaging website, people will just move on to the next site. One of the most popular ecommerce platforms is Magneto which is a full service product that allows you to fully customise your online store to support your brand.

If you engage a web design team, they can use Magneto and create an ecommerce site to your own specifications – using your business logos and images – and present your brand to your customers the way you want.

  1. Domain name – if you don’t already have a web presence then you need to select a name for your ecommerce site. If you already have a brand name then look for a domain name either exactly the same as your brand name or one that will be recognised as such.

For example if your brand name is ‘Hot Web Designs’ and that is not available to purchase, then think about ‘Hot Web Designs International’ or ‘Premier Hot Web Designs’.

  1. Payment methods – Online customers usually pay via credit card or PayPal – and it is best if you have both payment methods on your site. For credit card payments you need a real-time payment gateway. This is a secure server that links your website and your bank so that credit card payments can be made in real-time.

There are many different companies that provide this service and talking to your merchant bank is important. On the other hand setting up a Paypal account is an easy and painless process.

  1. Content – You need to think about what products or services you will be advertising on your ecommerce site, how you will describe your products or services and what photos you will need. Content can be written by your web design team but you will have to supply the marketing information and images.

Once you have all this information you are ready to launch your new ecommerce site!

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