UX or User Experience is an ever changing field. There are always new practices and theories that keep cropping up and explaining them can take some time because it’s not something that can be tweeted or just blogged about on social media platforms.

Keeping your UX skill up to date is an ongoing process and one of the best ways to be on top of industry standard is by reading books. Luckily, there are always new books on UX so learning and keeping abreast of the latest trends and practices is easier.

These books on UX were selected because not only are they the latest, they are also written by industry experts. If you’re a manager, designer or just somebody who likes learning or staying informed, these books on UX are worth checking out.

Strategic Writing for UX

Writing is just as important as visual design in UX. This is very important because writing usually gets neglected and this can make the difference between success and failure of your website. This book will help fill the gap by addressing how to include UX content works in the software development process, how to use framework to align UX content with principle and how to explore first-content design to root UX text in conversion.

Strategic Writing for UX

Strategic Writing for UX was written by Torrey Podmajersky. In this book she also explains how UX patterns work using different voices and how to product text that’s purposeful, concise, conversational and clear.

Building Design Systems

If you want to learn how to unify shared UX through a shared design language, Building Design Systems makes for a good reading choice. Design system is one of the most talked about topic in UX because it allows a design team to build a framework that addresses their needs by bringing together all the design elements including style guides, UI libraries, CSS frameworks and other resources.

This book is by Sarrah Vesselov and Taurie Davis, leaders of the design field and this book guides you through the process of defining a design language that can be understood across teams. It will also explain how to sell it to key stakeholders and other contributors.

Ruined by Design

Ruined by Design is by controversial web designer Mike Monteiro. This book is half rant half call-to-arms and explains how designers can help fix the world by taking the right attitude to design.

The good news is that this book isn’t just one long rant. It’s also a call-to-action for designers to make better decisions so that we can change the world. It also provides the tools to help you do so. Monteiro explains how to evaluate the potential benefits and harm of your design and how to present your concerns using data and good storytelling to decision makers so that they will actually listen.

Emotionally Intelligent Design

UX and UI designs

In her book Emotionally Intelligent Design, design researcher and author Pamela Pavliscak probes new technologies and techniques that can help you engage emotionally with users while probing the moral and ethical issues of UX design. She examines new technology that engages emotion and new emotional design practices. Her book depicts her experience and latest research in psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics.

You will also learn different methods of blending well-being interventions with design patterns, new principles for merging emotional intelligence and design thinking and how to use relationship model for framing product interactions and personality.

Think Like a UX Researcher

Think Like a UX Researcher by David Travis and Philip Hodgson takes a deep dive into theory and practice of UX research and offers practical advice on how to plan, conduct, analyze data and persuade people to take action based on the results.

This book is a good read for UX researchers, designers, project managers, scrum masters, business analysts and marketing managers. It also includes workshop ideas so you can build on your UX maturity.

These books are all available via Amazon so that you can boost your UX books with groundbreaking skills and insights.

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