Must-Know Rules of SEO for Everyone to Remember

rules of seo

Mastering the standard SEO techniques is vital to your business’s success. Without, your content and business pages will be lost to the infinite void that is the internet and your competition will be leading the way in the limelight.

However, with over 200 guidelines set out by Google, it can be difficult to fulfill all the requirements. With this in mind, here are some essential tips and rules you need to follow, ensuring your pages will be top of the results pages with no risk of being penalized.

SEO is Continuous

One of the most important aspects you’ll need to remember is that it’s a constant job that needs to be carried out regularly. Unfortunately, you can’t simply fulfill all the guidelines and then leave it. It’s essential that you continue to update your content and your website in line with the current guidelines.

Never Overlook Keyword Research

Keywords may seem like a long-lost SEO practice that used to be at the forefront of everything. However, this practice is just as important now as it ever has been before, so it’s important that you don’t forget about it.

There are plenty of tools out there that can make this job as easy as possible. Also, don’t forget to implement the right density of keywords into each piece of content!

Content Accuracy

The accuracy of the content is essential for a high SEO ranking. This means going through your content to proofread it, checking it over for grammar, spelling mistakes, typos, and punctuation errors. Not only will this help to improve your ranking, but it will also increase the readability level of your content for your readers, making sure your content is high-quality.

However, proofreading and editing can be a painstaking task. Instead, you can invest in the help of professional writers, such as the ones found at Best Australian Writers.

Pay Attention to Your URL

Your website’s URL is renowned for being the best description of your website. It should be as clean and as professional as possible.

Also, remember that this is the first thing that your customers will see and they’ll even make a judgment on whether or not the website seems safe, all based on your URL. As a rule of thumb, a short URL is much more effective than a long one.

Use Services for Creating Content

While trying to focus on completing your SEO practices, you may not have time to continue creating proper content. However, you shouldn’t divide your attention to complete an average job on both. Both content creation and SEO needs an equal amount of attention.

With this in mind, why not outsource your content writing tasks to academic writing services. Instead of writing for students, these services have become increasingly popular with businesses who are in need for high-quality content. These services have become so popular they have even been featured on some major online media outlets, like Writing an Essay on HuffingtonPost.

Writing for the People

Another important rule to remember is that you’re writing for your readers, not for your search engine. In theory, if you created a piece of content that is only designed to meet all the SEO guidelines, for a typical reader, that content will seem unreadable. Instead, always write for your readers, edit for search engines and then re-edit for your readers.

Rita T. Boyd, the Webmaster for Top Canadian Writers, continues;

“It’s very easy to get caught up with writing for the search engines. You can make your sentences short and edit them inline with keyword density practices etc. but, be careful. If you edit too much, it will become a strange string of words that won’t mean anything to your readers.”

Avoid Flash at All Costs

The truth of the matter is that the Flash platform is completely unreadable to search engines. If you have flash banners, flash content or any kind of flash plugin on your website, it’s not going to do anything for your SEO ranking.

However, there are plenty of plugins and tools that will be able to carry out the same functions as your Flash platform, so it’s highly advised that you relocate your content to a more suitable platform.

Links are Essential

Backlinking, source-linking and internal linking are so important when it comes to your content and your SEO. However, there are several rules that you should follow. You want to keep your included links to less than ten per content piece.

Additionally, you may want to highlight these links using bold, italic or underscore formats to help them, and your business, stand out from the crowd.

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