Modern Link Building Strategies You Can Use Today


Link building is still one of the best ways to increase visibility and authority for search engines. In fact according to Search Engine Land, backlinks remain one of the top ranking factors.

However, search engines are also becoming stricter when it comes to spammy SEO tactics. The old strategy of stuffing backlinks doesn’t work anymore. Content spam, link farms and low quality directory listings are just some of the things that need to be avoided. But there has to be a way to get links without being spammy.

Link Building Strategies You Can Use Today

Here are some ways:

Video Marketing

Create a YouTube channel to highlight your products. Video marketing is now a great way to bring products closer to your target market. You can also ask social media influencers and bloggers to share your link.

On-Site Content & Blogging Strategy

Develop lots of linkable content on your site. Your blog is the perfect venue for getting the most traction in organic searches and building links. Create good content with compelling information that is relevant to your audience and contains important keywords.

Brand Ambassadors & Influencers

Leverage your super fans with big following to help you increase awareness and drive sales. This strategy can also help you with backlinks. Look through your customer data to find out who your most loyal customers are and see if they have a blog or website that would make sense to link to your site. Research relevant influencers and establish a relationship with them and see how you can build links.

Sometimes exchanging products for articles or reviews is sufficient but there are bloggers that require payment. Contests are another way to get super fans and influencer on board with your brand. Always follow FCC guidelines when working with bloggers.

Internal Links

Having internal links in your site is just as important as external links. Use internal linking to the content you are producing on your site.

Don’t overdo it with internal links though. Use varied anchor text to link to various pages of your site. Your blog is a good platform for internal linking.

Wholesale/Retail Accounts

Find out if other businesses carry your products. Request that other businesses that sell your product to link back to your store. If it’s a particular product or category, ask them to link directly to that page or product for deeper linking.

Run Discounts

People love discounts so this is a good way to get them excited and share links to your site. You can also offer coupon codes to bloggers and influencers which can give you good ROI if done correctly.

Competitive Link Acquisition

Analyze your competitors’ links and determine the opportunities to acquire some of those links. It could uncover opportunities like sponsorships, blog guest posts, niche directories and industry relevant sites that could be leveraged in different ways.

Link Reclamation

This refers to analyzing links on your site to see how they can be improved. Clean up your current link profile by ensuring that anchor text and links represent the keywords you are intending on targeting. This audit is an easy and immediate way to help your site.

Brand Mentions With Links

There are software that can help you identify when people mention your product or brand name but not include a link. This type of listening software can help you reach out to the site and request for a link.


You can find other businesses that compliment your business but are not in direct competition with you and ask them to post your links. You can reciprocate so it’s a win-win strategy.

Link building is clearly a time consuming and laborious process. However it is very important when it comes to organic searches. Just like most things in life, quality rather than quantity is important so make sure you’re focusing on practices that yield the best results.

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