Max out your Website Conversion Rate using Colors

Color is one of the hidden persuaders. Colors can motivate people without them even knowing it. There are a number of behavioral scientists who study the ways in which colors can motivate, relax or otherwise stimulate people. Many companies use this knowledge to make their products more appealing to the mind’s eye. The use of colors on the web is an important aspect of business that often times, doesn’t get enough consideration. Most new businesses that launch tend to use colors that they like personally instead of using colors that can improve their website conversion rate.colors

The internet can be a crowded marketplace. There are tons of products and services fighting for the attention of people surfing the web. Research has shown one way to attract visitors and turn them into buyers is through the use of color. The colors you use on your site will help decide if people will even pause there much less buy. Studies by the Institute for Color Research say 60 to 90% of humans make judgments based on color alone. Color is one of the most powerful psychological elements which influence reactions. The right colors are the primary source of subliminal persuasion. Each color has certain connotations and inspires people to act in certain predictable ways.

If the predominant colors on your site are red, yellow, orange, black and blue you will inspire impulse buying. Using pink, teal, light blue or navy blue will attract people who consider before buying. Color affects the mood on the site. A neutral background color makes people comfortable. Red and yellow are perfect for a call to action button. Make sure to have a high contrast in colors. Also, pick your colors according to the market you want. People of different socioeconomic classes tend to respond to a different range of colors. Bright colors attract people from a lower socioeconomic bracket while classic and subtle colors attract the wealthy.

Knowing your target market can help you to choose the colors you need to use on your website. Different colors appeal to people from different cultures. People from colder climates like warm, subtle colors. Where people from hotter climates are attracted and motivated by bright colors. So in order to make an intelligent decision on the colors to use on your website you have to get a clear understanding of who your target market is. Then you can use the colors which attract and motivate them.

Eachcolors for marketing color makes a particular impression on people’s minds and inspires a specific response. Scientists working in marketing have used those basic color connotations to come the several conclusions about how color manipulates peoples buying impulses and habits. For years red was considered the best color to use for marketing. It attracts people’s attention and stimulates them to take action. Blue has since replaced red in many places, particularly in corporate logos and color schemes. Companies have found the trustworthiness and reliability associated with blue tends to result in customer loyalty and more sales in the long run. A quick survey of the top corporate logos and color schemes reveals that blue is by far the most popular color.

Some researchers have gone even further in their study of colors and the buying habits they inspire. They have postulated a number of very specific responses color can have on the buying public. Red with its excitement and ability to grab people’s attention makes people buy. Yellow makes them buy quicker because of the happy feelings it elicits. Pink is considered a friendly color and is also a good sales color. Blue connotes power and a sense of calm. It makes people feel relaxed and willing to spend. White creates trust in customers and makes them comfortable spending. Green implies security and is good for use on pages where you are asking customers agree to something.

Want to inspire your customers to buy? Try using red, orange, blue and yellow.

Guest Author: London resident Samantha Hathaway is a financial consultant and a content contributor for Payday Loans, a company providing payday loans for money advances when you need them.

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