Magento Development Services: Benefits of Using Magento for e-Commerce Development


Developers around the globe are offering Magento development services for e-commerce websites. This is mainly because Magento is open source and can be downloaded by any web developer. And with innovative tweaks, it can be used to get unique results as wanted by the clients. Let us take a look at the top benefits offered by Magento.

1. Features
It is packed with characteristics allowing layered navigation, wish lists, advanced search, favorites, multi-store feature, product comparisons, grouped products, email list and CMS for static pages and SEO performance. These features form the basis of the e-commerce portal to deliver better user experience and more customer satisfaction.

2. Flexibility
Depending on the size, budget, and needs of every business, Magento’s flexibility can be utilized to get edition-based solutions, like ‘Magento Go’ will suit small businesses, while ‘Magento Enterprise’ will serve medium to large firms. Different templates and themes in Magento offer further flexibility and exclusivity.

3. SEO Edge
‘Magento SEO’ addresses multiple issues by supporting better optimization of websites for e-commerce. Page traffic, landing page, duplicate content, and indexing is actually managed with Magento Development Services.

4. Developer-friendly
With expansion in business, e-commerce portals need to be modified consequently. With Magento, web developers find it easy to add pages, update content on to the site and link pages to the main or sub navigation, thus saving a huge amount of time.

5. Carting
Shopping cart developed by Magento helps customers follow step-by-step procedures to buy the product they want. Moreover, it gives multiple options to customers. A business can select from nearly fifty payment gateways to integrate with their Magento e-commerce portal.

6. Multiple Store Management
Managing multiple stores from a single administrative panel before Magento was introduced seemed inconvenient and cumbersome. But, now with Magento, every store can be set up distinctly with a unique catalog for a product. Operating and managing online business 24×7 is now stress-free and advantageous.

7. On Mobile
In the age of the smartphones, Magento Mobile helps establish an overall brand experience for customers who use their smartphones and mobile devices to connect anywhere, anytime.

8. Coding
Coding in Magento is not complex as the core coding is conveniently integrated with third-party coding. Both third party code and core code are well defined in Magento, supporting websites to draw the best of both. Furthermore, it isn’t disrupted by add-ons and extensions of future upgrades. Many businesses have moved to Magento for this reason alone.

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