Many businessmen know how hard it is to succeed in the business world. Many of us think that we have done “everything” we can to make our business grow. Many hours were spent developing the perfect product and thousands of dollars were poured down into boosting marketing efforts to get your brand out there.

If you’re at that level where you’re ready to take your business to the next level but don’t want to sink more hard earned cash to grow you’re business you’re in the right place. In this blog we will talk about how you can grow your business without spending a ton of cash.

Write Great Content

We’ve probably said it thousands of time here at Creative.com.au but it should still be said one more time: content is king.

This is the factor that gets customers, users and guests to your website. Whether they want to hire your services or want answers to their questions, a new user is unlikely to land to an unfamiliar website if content did not bring them there.

Why You Should be Publishing Online Tutorials

Here are some ways to leverage great content into traffic:

  • Research

Before creating any content for your website or blog, do some research first. Look at what your direct competitors are doing to see what makes their content successful or fail. Utilize keyword research tools and popularity tools to help you dig into information you won’t be able to access at the front facing website.

Using these tools will help you figure out which search terms are being used to bring users to your website and use this to build content. It’s a waste of time to create a blog content that won’t be read by your customers.

  • Understand Blogging

Many people think that blogs are just another way to sell a product or service. This is not true because the true purpose of a blog is to educate and inform users.

This means that if you’re a lawyer you should create a blog that answer questions you usually receive from clients. The same is true for websites that sell insurance or hair care products. Your blogs should be tailored not only for your industry but for your readers as well.

Your blog should not be an advertisement extension of your product. It should be an opportunity for you to “school” readers on information and subjects surrounding your business. Content should be something that they find helpful.

  • Write For Your Audience

No matter what you’re selling always write with the reader in mind. Many businesses write about how long they have been in business or what they’re products are, but in reality readers only want to know about how your product or service can benefit them.

This means that you need to write about how your product or service can help them.

  • Avoid Boring CTAs

A boring CTA will only turn customers away.

You have to think of CTAs as a last ditch effort to get users to buy your product. Put yourself in their shoes. What could motivate you to buy their product or submit your email?

Include an attractive CTA in pages of your website and your blog post. Even if it’s not directly related to your product a CTA could motivate guests to buy or leave an email.

Reach Out For Reviews

Reviews are huge for new businesses especially small ones. Reviews are a good way to add credibility and foster trust with your clients.

Reviews are also a strong ranking signal for search engines. If your company has lots of great reviews, it becomes a signal for search engines and will rank you higher in SERPs.

Here are some ways to get good reviews:

  • Email or Text Links

One of the reasons why buyers don’t leave reviews is because it is composed of multiple steps. Customers usually have to find your website then login and then find the product they are reviewing.

There is a feature on Google My Business that that allows you to share links to your review. This process takes away the friction from customers so they can easily leave reviews.

  • Hand out Flyers

If have a storefront you can also ask for reviews by handing out flyers to ask for reviews. This is a low-tech but effective approach.

Make sure that they are colourful and attractive. Leave detailed but easy to follow instructions to minimize confusion and friction for the reviewers.

  • Ask

The popular saying says “ask and you shall receive”. However, asking should be done in person so that it will be effective. If you plan to ask via telephone, make sure that you have a friendly relationship with your customer so that they won’t feel offended.

You can follow up your request by sending a postcard with directions and link to make reviewing a breeze.

A word of caution: do not ask for anything in exchange for reviews. The Terms and Service of Google Business forbids any compensation monetary or otherwise.

Become Good At Email

According to WordStream, more than 105 billion emails were sent every day in 2019. This number could rise up to 246 billion by 2020.

Think about your inbox. It is full of email from your family, co-workers, retailers, bank and spam. Your inbox isn’t unique because this is how other people’s inboxes look like. This makes you think if email marketing is still a thing in the future.

Here are a few tips to boost your email marketing strategy.

  • Choose A Platform

There are many email marketing platforms to choose from and many of them are affordable. However, it can be hard to choose the best platform for your business. Just remember that your platform does not have to be fancy. It just has to be functional. As you get more experience with email marketing you can always upgrade or choose a different platform.

  • Collect New Emails

Find opportunities to get new emails of people who haven’t bought from you yet. Offering bonuses to new visitors to your website could entice them to leave an email address. For instance you can get their email in exchange for an ebook or instructional videos.

  • Finding A Balance

One of the best ways to find email marketing success is finding a balance between sending too few and too many emails. You want your business to be recalled easily by customers but you don’t want to annoy them by sending too many emails.

A first a once-monthly email or newsletter regarding new developments or new products in the business is a good start. But as you get better at email marketing and learn more about your customers you can increase frequency to something that works for you.

All businesses want their e-commerce store to be profitable this is why finding low-cost ways to boost profit is important.

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