Learn Secrets To Outranking Your Competitors


Let’s face it, the internet is so full of ecommerce stores, bloggers, influencers and what not that it’s getting harder to attract your target market’s attention. There are simply too many competitors and standing out is even more important nowadays.

Competitive analysis is a critical part of a business marketing plan. Competitor analysis will  not only give you an insight to what your competitor is doing, it will help you compare and ultimately capitalize on it.

Whether you’re just starting out or expanding, knowing what your rivals are doing can help you devise a marketing strategy that can help you outrank them because it identifies their weaknesses and strengths so that you can benchmark them against your own.

Learn Secrets To Outranking Your Competitors

If you’re looking for SEO tricks that can help you outrank your competitors you’re in the right place because we have some tips for you.

Investigate Their Online Presence

Investigate Their Online Presence

Get details on how the competitor behaves online. For example, do they use PPC, do they have multiple landing pages, do they use schema data, who are their referrals?

It’s best to identify the strong and weak points in their marketing strategy.

Analyze Their Reputation and Reviews

Analyze how customers think of your competitors. You can find these by going to their Google reviews, social reviews or comments left on their blogs. Read positive and negative reviews.

This will give you an insight on what needs to be improved, how customers perceive a product and other information like what customers don’t like. You can then apply what you have learned to better your product or service.

Track Mentions Of Your Competitors

Remember the saying: keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Aside from monitoring customers or other websites that mention your brand, you also need to track mentions of your competitors online.

You can use Google Alert to monitor new stories or mention of your competitors , your brand and other related subjects.

Analyze Their PPC Efforts

Learn which keywords your competitors are bidding on. Use both secondary and primary keywords within the search engines. You can also use 3rd party tools to save time. They will help you breakdown which ads are image, text or HTML. It will even analyze the pages the ads lead to.

Evaluate Content

Take a look at your competitor’s content. This will give you insights on what you need to improve in terms of your own. Scan all their content: online, offsite, landing pages, copies, blogs, news, white paper, FAQs, infographics, ebooks, webinars, podcasts and other content forms.

Snoop On Their Social Media

Facebook marketing

Take a look at which social media platforms your competitors are using, what type of content they post, how often, who their audience are and how the engage with their audience. This will give you a good idea of how customers feel, what type of engagement works well so that you know which styles work and what techniques will work best for your own social media campaigns.

Engage With Them

Having an insight as to what your competitors are doing well can help you capitalize on it. Behave like one of their customers and add yourself on their email newsletter subscription, blog and social media platforms. This will give you the opportunity to review their content, call to action as well as their engagement style.

Benchmark Yourself Against Them

Compare your competitor’s key matrix against your own. From your insights as well as from data gathered you will get an idea of how your competitors market themselves against you in your shared industry. Now that you have an idea of their marketing strategy you can formulate plans so that you can position your brand against them and stand out.

Comparing yourself against your competitors can show you new opportunities for improvement and growth. Knowing what they are doing and how they are doing it can help you do better so that you stand out

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