iPad Kids Game App Development Preview

iPad Kids Game App Development Preview of Saturday Soccer

This iPad App Development by the team at Creativ Digital is due for release on the iTunes store shortly, in this video we give a short Walk through Demo of Saturday Soccer iPad App. A full description if the app is listed below the video.

The app is now live on iTunes store and available for free download.

Saturday Soccer

Saturday Soccer is the ultimate Edutainment App for Kindergarten Kids

* Perfect for young students in Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2

* Rap/Poem with early sight words

* Problem solving word and number games

* Test your soccer skills!!

If you are that parent who believes in enhancing the education experience for your child, you definitely don’t want to miss this new and interactive game. Saturday Soccer has been made with the Kindergarten kid in mind. It is a good app that provides opportunities for your child to experience sportsmanship, participate in counting, spelling and reading while at the same time ensuring they remain engaged and entertained.  The App comes with five games targeted at kids between 3-7 years.

The App opens into a screen that lets you choose among five irresistible games including:

  1. i.                    Interactive Poem Games

Let your child learn how to read as they tap on characters to make them behave in an insanely funny way. The sound and animation in this game will leave every kid tickled.

  1. ii.                  Puzzle Games

This is the ultimate edutainment game that lets your child develop concentration skills at an early age. The game also allows you to set the difficulty level according to your child’s requirements.

  1. iii.                Soccer Shooting Games

Shoot the game at the keen goal keeper, score to increase your rankings.

  1. iv.                 Memory Match Game

Let your child test and build their memory capabilities with this interactive game.

  1. v.                   Word Games

This game is intended to build and improve your child’s ability to read and write.

  1. vi.                 Number Game

. Saturday Soccer offers one of the best edutainment games that will let your child count numbers like a pro.

All these are wrapped up in one App to give you the ultimate mobile gaming experience. The 3D graphics in the App are professionally done, and the characters are intuitive and fun to play around with.

Saturday Soccer iPad App was developed by our mobile division Apptiv, please get in touch if you have a project in mind and we will be happy to assist.

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