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Boost Your SEO: 4 Quick Tips

According to statistics, when a website is at the top of a search engine’s result, the chances of it getting clicked is at 33%. So even if your website is on the first page, you still miss a lot of potential traffic. If you are wondering why you only place second, third, or fourth on search...
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Improving SEO Ranking Through Backlinks

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way of increasing a website’s search rankings, making a website easily searchable in the process. One of the many ways to increase a website’s ranking is by containing words or phrases a person will type in search engines. The more searchable a website gets, the more profitable it...
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Quick and Easy Guide to Writing In-Depth Content

While content remains king in the world of SEO, Google has become much smarter in measuring its relevance. This makes content creation an even bigger challenge, especially since it’s not just about infiltrating what you wrote with keywords from the title to the H1 tag and so on. In order to make it the very...
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Keeping Up With Google

Keeping Up With Google Like all technology, Google is continuously getting smarter at indexing the contents of the web. Their goal is simple: maximise user experience by constantly improving their ranking algorithm to ensure that users can find relevant content quickly and easily. As an Internet user, this is a great thing – gone are...
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SEO Keyword Research using Adwords Keyword Tool

This is a short Tutorial on SEO Keyword Research using Adwords Keyword Tool. The video explains how to get good keywords suitable for SEO and balancing keyword volume with competition level. View more on our SEO Company Sydney website. Let us know your comments or questions below.
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Enhance Your E-Commerce Site Using 6 SEO Tips

Enhance Your E-Commerce Site Using 6 SEO Tips Being a business owner, you have to face it; traditional advertising sometimes has its flaws. These usually include the following aspects. It can be expensive. It can be difficult to track your campaign’s effectiveness. So, what is the ideal alternative then? If you want to minimise the...
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AdWords CTR and Quality Score Fixing Poor Performance

AdWords CTR and Quality Score Fixing Poor Performance We often come across AdWords campaigns that are not performing well.  These are our recommendations on how to get your campaigns in top shape. Some of the indications of poor performance are: Low Click Through Rate, after running for some time CTR should improve. High cost of...
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How to Effectively Market Your Business with White Label SEO

How to Effectively Market Your Business with White Label SEO Today, many people want to set up an online business as part of their portfolio. In any line of business, it’s important to reach as many customers as we can, especially on the Internet. As many people are “hooked up” online these days, online marketing...
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Strategic SEO Keyword Targeting

Strategic SEO Keyword Targeting An Easy Approach to get More Traffic Often times when website owners or SEOs embark on new internet marketing campaigns they make the fatal flaw of going after the largest keywords in their respective niche. While this may initially seem like a good idea because of the sheer amount of traffic that...
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