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The end of January saw Google releasing a set of best practices for Google Ads users to help improve their optimization score. Optimization score refers to the metric used to tell how well a Google Ads campaign is optimized. It was introduced in August of last year. Scores range from 0 to 100% where 100%...
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Content For someone inexperienced in Google Ads, the idea can be both exciting and terrifying. If done right, Ads can transform your business. If done wrong, a business can spend thousands and get nothing in turn. In July 2018, Google rebranded Google Adwords to Google Ads. Since then, this is the main door for advertisers...
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Google Adwords Display Network Google adwords has two main areas for showing ads, one is on googles search results and the other is their display network.  Google display network includes a huge list of websites where your ads can be shown making it a very powerful tool to promote your products or services.  The videos...
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Inside AdWords: New Features for Business Promotion Google announced the new features of AdWords; how much impact will these features have to businesses? We are moving closer to the second half of 2014 and everybody are trying to find ways to improve lifestyles and cope with the advancing technology. This includes movements from businesses. These...
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AdWords CTR and Quality Score Fixing Poor Performance We often come across AdWords campaigns that are not performing well.  These are our recommendations on how to get your campaigns in top shape. Some of the indications of poor performance are: Low Click Through Rate, after running for some time CTR should improve. High cost of...
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