Important Inbound Marketing Strategies


The purpose of inbound marketing is to turn visitors into customers. Most inbound marketing strategies build-up on each other in order to achieve a goal. However, due to budgetary concerns, many companies do not implement all components of an inbound marketing strategy.

Inbound Marketing Strategies

Some strategies can be hard to sell to the c-suite but these tactics are important. They also work together so that companies can reach their goals.


Blogging involves creating useful content that address pain points of your target market. These educational articles play a big role in attracting leads and boosting organic traffic to your website.

However, blogging results don’t come overnight. Companies that posts 1 blog per week for 18 months can see traffic growth. Google rewards consistency so your dedication can see steady growth.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Sphere

What good are your blogs if they aren’t being read? While quality content is rewarded by Google over time, it’s important that articles and blogs be promoted through social media marketing. It’s recommended to share blog and article updates through platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook not only by the writer but by the employees and staff as well.

Advanced Content Creation

There are many different types of advanced content. Good examples include ebooks, tip sheets, white paper and how-to guides. Creating advanced content can help to generate new contacts and drive existing contacts further down the sales funnel.

This type of content usually dives deeper into the topic and is ideal for promotion. They also have a call to action (CTA).

Email Marketing

A well strategized email marketing campaign is important in order to provide prospects with the right content every time. You can think of email campaign as the glue of an inbound marketing strategy. It promotes new blogs, articles, advanced content pieces to those who have opted in.

Marketing Automation

A poll by Hatbuck revealed that marketing automation increased a business’ number and quality of leads by up to 80%. Marketing automation such as lead nurturing workflows promote blog content, advanced content via email makes sales team more efficient because it allows them to connect with warm leads from those that have already been nurtured with targeted content. It replaces cold calling and contextual marketing which is a win-win for your marketing team.


Blogging and advanced content are both very important inbound marketing strategies but it still won’t be effective without SEO. Good SEO starts with keyword research and a well-defined keyword strategy.

There are many different SEO strategies but it all boils down to finding the right keywords based on your potential buyers and creating high quality content around them.

GDD Approach For Your Website

GDD or Growth Driven Design takes an iterative, user-centric, data-driven approach to website improvement. GDD requires analysing user behaviour in your website, looking for areas that need improvement and creating updates that enhance user-experience so that it will drive users towards content they find most interesting.

Video Content

There’s been an explosion of video content and it’s estimated that it will make up approximately 80% of traffic by 2021. Therefore, now is the time to include video content in your inbound marketing strategy.

Just like blogging and advanced content, video needs to be relevant. You can create customer testimonials, product demo videos, case studies and video blogs. The key is to educate your viewers.

All of these are valuable components that can make your inbound marketing campaign successful. Remember, the key is to provide relevant and targeted content.

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