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Importance Of Writing Clean Code


One of the factors that separate a good coder from a bad coder is the ability to write clean code. Clean code means that it is readable, maintainable, supported through thorough documentation and scalable.

Let’s delve a bit more into this topic.


A readable code is just that – readable. This means that a person with basic knowledge in coding or software development, in general, can skim through the code and understand what it’s trying to do. Some good ways to ensure code readability are:

Supporting Documents

A highly readable code is in line with best practices of the industry. However, in larger products, programs or apps, things are more likely to become complicated. In order to manage massive projects with moving parts, it is important to create supporting documents.

Why does it all matter?


One of the biggest advantages of having a clean well-documented code is that it gives coders the ability to maintain the code over a long period of time. Imagine building a product today and it needs to be supported for the next 10 years. The number of people that will work on the code will come and go and many of them will work with the code with little or no knowledge of the work completed.

We should always write code and support it with concise documentation so that the code can be read and understood by other coders down the road.


If your product has a 10-year shelf-life it should be scalable in order to be successful. For a product to scale, the team or coder that wrote it needs to scale as well. In order for a product to be scalable the product’s code base and documentation needs to be strong in order for new coders and engineers to join the team and continue to build on the foundation previously laid before. They can only do this if they are able to understand what’s going on. A clean, readable and well documented code will enable new coders and engineers to do this.

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