How to Make Google Algorithms Work Effectively


Google continues to improve the quality of its search results and penalise black-hat SEO. This is done by making huge changes to Google algorithms. Generally, Google does hundreds of changes to its search engine algorithms. There are other upcoming updates from Google that you should follow.

Google has up to 66% market share in the search engine and this rating remains stable over the years. It still accepts challenges from Microsoft Bing, thus, making it to be more aggressive in improving its technology on search engines.


Here are some Google algorithms that may experience changes to improve in its search engines:


Panda was created to punish overly optimised websites. It offers lean contents and run as content farms. Content farms are those huge amounts of content that aims at drawing traffic from search engines. This method is used to produce good advertising revenues. As a sample, a weight loss services operate its business in the entire country and has launched online website for each province. Content on the web pages may be similar except for the locations. Google search engine using Panda technology has the capacity to determine the closely duplication of content like that. It can identify that these web pages have no actual worth to its users or viewers. When these situations occur, Panda pushes the content down in the search engine rankings.

In other words, never make or put content that are only based on keyword optimization or post multiple pages with similar or even closely duplicated contents. Try to write and post unique content in your web pages. Identifying what your content can do for your potential viewers is a good start. Determine if the content you are making can be useful and informative for your viewers.

There are big companies that post and publish the same articles or blogs on the different websites they own. To avoid being penalized by Google, you should determine the parent content and be certain that the other contents point to its original article or blog.

Google Penguin

Google Penguin is identified as more “punitive” and the system does not only work to enhance the quality of the engine search but more than that. Relatively a new algorithm but it has influenced more than 3% of the search engine’s search enquiries. The system aims at the rankings of the websites that has suspicious links, unnatural links, and other related issues. It monitors black hat SEO methods to gain search engine ranks. This is a warning if you have plenty of suspicious and low quality links.

Penguin system, as Google algorithm,  has been upgraded and will continue to be updated any time. To avoid being punished by Penguin, make sure to have quality links. Gain natural links from other quality websites because you have published a quality and unique content.

Google Knowledge Graph

Google Knowledge Graph was established in 2012 and it contains collection of over 500 million individuals, things, and places. If you are looking for information about Angelina Jolie, you will be provided by the search engine results information about Jolie, her pictures, basic data like who she is, when and where she was born, her adapted children, and more. This data came from different sources like Wikipedia. This is Google’s Knowledge Graph main source of information. The system aims at helping the viewers the data and information they are searching with ease and convenience.

If you are planning to publish movie reviews, lists of events, or even recipes and other structured information, be sure that you satisfy the guidelines set by the Google. To learn more about these guidelines, you can visit

It is natural for website owners to aim at making their sites on top of the search engines. But anything on earth has its rules and guidelines to make sure everything is in place and prevent chaos. Google algorithms were launched to help establish order within online structures and ventures. Let us abide by the rules and use our creativity to be unique and special.

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