How to Combine Email Marketing and Social Media

Combining Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Combining two of the most common marketing methods can help you save time, improve your branding, make your message consistent, and maximize the impact you have on your audience and potential customers.

Creating campaign experiences that are cohesive between email and social can save you time purely in asset management. Using similar headlines, body copy, and images from your email to social posts means no more one-off copy needs to be done on a regular basis.

This consolidation of efforts also keeps your message consistent. Not to say that you can’t spice things up from one post to the next—but combining these efforts will make sure every line you create has the same impact and carries the same message.

All of this will strengthen your brand. As your audience sees your campaigns over and over again amidst email and social posts, your message is rooted into their memories by sheer volume and consistency. This builds on your voice and reach, ensuring your audience brings the right image to mind when thinking about your company.

Check out this infographic below to see how you can begin combing your email and social media strategies to improve your marketing today.

How to Combine Email Marketing and Social Media – Infographic by Campaign Monitor

Source: How to Combine Email Marketing and Social Media by Campaign Monitor

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