Hiring WordPress Web Developers: 3 Keys to Achieve the Best Result

Want to know one thing that most people still don’t know? Here it is – there is more to WordPress than just blogging! True, WordPress achieved worldwide fame (in the internet that is) as a powerful blogging tool. But now, you can build not just a blog but a whole website through WordPress! A blog platform and a website at one go, how much cooler can you get?!

Today, we have WordPress as an effective and very user-friendly content management system (CMS). One can design fantastic sites with amazing ease and use of plug-ins and other features. And all of these are for FREE! That’s actually no wonder why more and more small to medium businesses are turning to WordPress as their reliable partner in establishing a competitive online presence. You can get a WordPress-based site too! And the great news is that you need not do all the dirty work by yourself! Get a WordPress web developer to do the job for you! Here are a few tips on how to grab a great deal with your WordPress web developer.

Don’t gamble with experience for your WordPress web developer. Always hire a WordPress developer with sufficient relevant experience. Amateurs will most likely offer you a cheaper price but I guarantee you, that is not the best deal. Don’t take a WordPress web developer’s words per se.  Always dig deeper. Look up their portfolio. If they say they are good, then let the work they have done speak for itself. Talk to previous clients and get their objective feedback on the quality of the developer’s work and professionalism.  Always remember that you need not just a skilled and experienced WordPress web developer, but you also need that person to be able to devote time for your site.

Learn the basics. Of course knowing all about XML, SQL, and a whole bunch of other web development jargon can give you a serious headache. However you can’t just say “I’m hiring a WordPress expert! He knows what he is doing.” Well, your expert does know what he is doing but it would not hurt to know the basic things yourself. As a matter of fact, it pays a great deal to know. Discuss things with your expert, ask questions, do a little research during your free time. A lot of people have come running to a different web developer expert because the previous one pulled a “wool over their eyes”. Don’t be one of them!

Know your budget! Have you heard this already? Well, let me stress this once again. Know how much you can throw in for the project. And I’m saying ‘know’ and not ‘think’! Some thought that they can afford to splurge but found out that the project put them in a financial mess in the end. Others thought that they have to take the cheapest deal but later found out that they should have had invested more. Either way you can’t afford to throw in more than you are capable of or unreasonably stick to a super stingy budget. After all, a quality and effective website will be all worth it.

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