How To Hire The Best Developer For Your Ecommerce Site

In the present scenario there is a huge buzz surrounding eCommerce. Ecommerce has spurred the growth of many online startups and is gradually capturing the attention of young entrepreneurial minds. From a business perspective, it is important to captivate your customers from the word go. So to gain a foothold in this competitive market you need to focus on two factors namely design and performance of your site.

And that is possible only when you have an expert ecommerce web developer. Only a developer can visualize your thoughts and transform your ideas in to reality. However the ultimate challenge lies in finding an expert developer who can do the best job at an appropriate cost. You can either go in for a freelance developer or hire a pro from a repute firm. But I would suggest you to go for the latter as it is a more secure option. Here is a questionnaire which will help you in spotting out the best developer for your ecommerce site.

In terms of features what are the sites that inspire you?

The first question you need to inquire a developer is about the sites he refers. Developers normally tend to have an inclination towards a particular site. So you need to probe in to the reason behind the inspiration. By knowing that you would be able to gauge his taste.

Brief me about the latest development tools and technologies

A developer should have a decent knowledge about the latest tools and technologies used in designing and developing a site. Mere taste and creativity is not sufficient. Remember running an ecommerce business is no mean task. So these latest coding technologies will have a key role to play. And the developer should be aware of them and put them in to best practical use.

On which eCommerce platform are you going to build my site?

This is a very important question. There are various platforms like Magento, prestashop, shopify, etc. Among these Magento is the best. Because Magento community edition is free and it offers some exceptional features and themes. Also Magento is very easy to customize. So you can build a site to your liking on a Magento platform. But technical expertise in Magento is very important if you need to reap those benefits. So a Magento expert will be a big plus to your organization.

Can you design my website to be mobile friendly?

Stats suggest that almost 60% of traffic comes from mobile. So it is imperative that you make your site responsive. A responsive site has many benefits as it opens the gateway to billion plus mobile users. Nowadays Google considers responsivity factor while ranking a page. So the developer you hire should also have sound knowledge in HTML5 and CSS 3 technologies.

What are special features you plan to integrate for my site?

This question has to do a lot more with respect to a developer’s vision for the company. If you take the case of Magento there are innumerable features. From the answer you will get a clearer idea about a developer’s knowledge in Magento.

Do you have the hunger to learn new technologies?

A developer who has fire in belly is the one who is gonna code your store to success. Remember, the market gets inundated with new coding tools everyday. If you need to stay ahead of your competitors then the developers you hire should replenish their knowledge continuously.

I would like to have a look at you past works?
Remember theoretical knowledge could be misleading. So as a part of final assessment give the developer a real time problem and ask him to solve. Also have a look at some of the past works. It will also be a perfect method to test a developer’s aptitude of working under pressure and will also give you a better clarity of developer’s ability.

These are the common tips you need to follow while recruiting a designer for your eCommerce site. In case you are looking for some professional Magento developers then visit Contus as we have a trove of award winning and experienced designers/ developers. Tell us your requirements and we will give the best possible.

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Naveen is a Digital Marketing Executive who works for Contus, a Magento development company.
He is passionate about writing technical post related to Mobile Apps also about Ecommerce and Magento solution.

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