We all know that first impressions are important. In content for example, the headline should give the readers a good impression for them to click the title and read on.

This is why knowing how to write amazing headlines is important.

According to the experts good headlines are:

  • Extremely relevant to the content
  • Contain a keyword
  • Generate interests

Headline Writing Tips To Boost Traffic

There is no exact formula on how to write good headlines. However, we have some tips you can check out to help you whip up amazing headlines.

Keyword Driven

As stated above, keywords should be in the headline. But don’t just choose any keyword. Use a keyword research tool to find out what people are searching for.

When you choose a relevant keyword phrase that people are searching for by volume, you boost the ROI of the content.

Keyword rich headlines offer relevant content and value.

There will be times when coming up with a good headline is hard. When this happens write up a couple of headlines until you find something that strikes your fancy.

Short & Sweet  


Remember, it’s a headline so it can be short and sweet. Not every headline has to be lengthy. Sometimes short and straightforward is the best approach. So don’t just discard a headline just because it’s short.

Compelling Statistic

Leveraging a compelling statistic can be a good way to generate interest in readers.

For example “Ecommerce Spending In Australia Increases 24.4% Every Year”

This headline is a compelling read for people in the retail, ecommerce, web design or internet industry. If they are interested in this kind of factoid and how it can impact their business they are more likely to click on the headline compared to something like “Ecommerce Spending Increases Every Year”.

Look At Competitor’s Headline

This tip extremely helpful if you’re looking for some inspiration. We don’t want you to copy their headline (that’s counterproductive). We want you to find inspiration.

You can look at titles of their successful campaigns to see what headlines work and what don’t work.

Use A Question

making good headlines

What question does your content answer? Sometimes questions make good headlines.

For example, if you’re making a guide to the Google search algorithm you can title your piece “What is the Google Search Algorithm? 10 Things You Need to Know”.

Readers will immediately know what to expect and what your article will be about.

Don’t Forget CTA

You can also use a call-to-action (CTA) on the headline whenever appropriate.

Terms like discover, learn, find out, understand, etc. make readers think that they are making an empowered choice by clicking on the title and reading your content.

Sydney website content marketing experts can help turn your words into powerful tools that can generate leads and sales. Good content is important for online success and it all starts with your headline.

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