How Google Supports Small Businesses

How Google Supports Small Businesses

Are you starting your small business online? There are three ways Google helps startup businesses in getting quality traffic to your website: natural search results, search advertising, and local listings.

 Natural Search Results

As users search through Google, it searches across millions of websites to gather relevant results to their queries. Listings that are shown as a result of the search are known as natural or organic search results. If some users use keywords related to your company through Google, your website shows up in the search results. How and where your website is shown will depend on the relevance of your site to the search.

How can you improve your website in the listing of Google searches?

  1. Go to and find if your website is listed. If not, add your website.
  2. Then, try the where you can view important guides on ways to improve your website. These tips will help your site obtain better results with natural or organic searches. A reputable web developer can help you improve your website.

 Search Advertising

Search advertising is a good method of finding your company by potential customers at the moment they are searching for your products. Google has an online advertising program called AdWords. It allows you to build your ads which will be placed on the side or above the search results of Google. There are options where you can choose how much you will pay, your keywords, and your ads.

  1. Go to and press “Start Now” tab
  2. Use an authentic email address and password to set up your Google account; if you have an existing Google account like Gmail account, then log in using your login details.
  3. Establish your company location by choosing your country, time zone, and the currency you want to use in paying your ads
  4. Validate email address by pressing on the link provided by Google AdWords Account Verification Email; this will automatically sign you in to your account.
  5. To activate your account, you have to provide your billing details and set your budget limits; then, “Agree” to the Terms and Conditions of AdWords and press “Save and Activate” tab.

Local Listings

When your company has a physical business address, you probably have Google’s Place page. This Place page is a business listing offered for free for businesses. Google builds this Place page automatically and shows when potential customers search for businesses in particular geographic location like “seo sydney”. Google’s Place page is a brilliant way to introduce your products or business to potential customers. Get your Google’s Place page now.

  1. Go to and then press “Get Started” button; If you have an existing Google or Gmail account, use your log in details to sign in; if you do not have Google account, create Google account for free.
  2. You can check if you have an existing business listing on Google by entering your company’s telephone number.
  3. If you have a business listing, them press “Edit” tab; this will allow you to review and edit your Place page; If you cannot find your business, then press “Add New Listing”.
  4. Establish your Place page properly with your company details and information like:
  • your official website
  • brief company or business description
  • your business official logo
  • videos and images of the products and services that you offer
  1. Verify your business listing and then, press “Finish.”

Google continues to create ways and marketing tools to help small businesses grow and succeed. Try these marketing tools mentioned here. There are millions of potential customers in your local area who are searching for the products and services that you are offering. With Google as your partner, surely, your business will be found.



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