Few Avoidable Mistakes Most Website Designers Fail To Avoid

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Few Avoidable Mistakes Most Designers Fail To Avoid

few avoidable mistakes most designers fail to avoidThe web designers who are either new to the field, having switched their line of profession recently and others who have just started freelancing for web designing, all are vulnerable to committing mistakes while designing websites. Some of the negligent designers also commit such mistakes, even though they have years of experience with them. Most professional web designers are aware of such designing blunders and try their best to avoid. Some of the common mistakes are given below:

Lack of Planning

This is something sorely overlooked by most web designers. Even some of the most accomplished web designers think these steps can be skipped without repercussions. Most designers jump to the web design phase without planning the right line of action that need to be used to tackle the designing. The planning requires assessing the targeted audience that needs to be attracted to the website and the strategies in which this can be achieved. Defining initial and long-term goals that need to be achieved, tackling the design in different phases, and evaluating each section individually and then collectively.

Creating Complex Designs

It is most important to keep the clients’ requirements in mind when designing the website. It is futile to neglect their suggestions and requirements, as it will only result in unnecessary revisions and wastage of precious time of the client as well as the designer. Furthermore, there is a need to create web designs that are relevant and have some understanding and value for the visitors. Complex designs that are beyond the scope of visitor’s understanding only contribute toward a bad impression of the website.

few avoidable mistakes most designers fail to avoidFailing to use SEO Techniques

The use of good SEO techniques is very important for the website, almost as important as the web design itself. If there are no visitors to appreciate the website and its different features, then there is no use of creating a website or spending so much efforts on designing a website. Therefore, there is a great necessity for the website designer to learn ways of incorporating SEO into websites or else it will be a serious negative point against them.

Non-Interactive Designs

The days of the hardcoded messages and simple website designs are a part of history. Now the users want to interact with the website as much as possible. It is due to this trend that the social media websites are becoming so popular. Similarly, the users appreciate the level of interactive tendency of a website; it makes them feel like their say has some significance and value for the business being represented by the website.

Web Design Contradicts the Main Theme

There is a need for the web designer to create a connection between the web design elements and the overall theme of the website. If there is a clash in the color scheming or some other thing in the website, this will reflect negatively in the website and the visitors will notice such a huge blunder and blame the non-professional attitude and lack of exposure and skills of the website designer.

Guest Post By: Conroy James

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