Putting Things Right for your Customers.

Excellent Customer ServiceThings can go wrong in every service transaction. So managing complaints and putting things right for your customers as quickly as possible and with minimum of fuss are important elements of good customer care.

What this means is to resolve complaints effectively to the satisfaction of your customer and without harming your business. The harm can come by bad word of mouth or in the expenses if the complaint is not resolved quickly.

The main ingredients of a good response when things go wrong are your customers should be offered a full explanation, an apology, and an effective remedy.

What is a complaint? The best definition is that a complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction that requires a response. This means that when things do go wrong, you accept it and move to fix the mistake or error as quickly as possible while explaining to the customer how the mistake happened.

What do customers want? Firstly and most importantly customers want a relationship. So if a customer complains it is because we failed to build and maintain a relationship with them or provide what they wanted from our business.

Dealing with Difficult Customers.

Some customer’s complaints cannot be satisfied and so there is no response possible.

Many customers may become difficult but that does not mean that they are from hell’. There are many reasons why normal customers may become irritable or angry. Many difficult customers are dissatisfied because they have encountered systems, processes or service that has prevented them from receiving the outcome they desire.

There are a very small percentage of customers that are from hell’ and will be threatening verbally or physically. This kind of behaviour should never be tolerated or excused.

Whenever there is any disagreement or the customer is not satisfied it is important to immediately adopt an Assertive Win/Win approach. This asserts that neither side should lose out, and by flexible resolution both will have a good outcome.

The importance of this approach is that if the customer is unhappy the business will always loose.

Follow these tips and you will have happy customers in the majority, many repeat customers and success in your business.

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