Custom Software Development – Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs It

Custom Software Development – Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs It

Custom software development has become more and more popular as a solution for both small and large businesses. But how do you decide if customised software is right for your business?

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Well custom software is a program or suite of programs developed specifically for your business. Whilst there are some great off-the-shelf software programs available, many businesses find that whilst these programs run well, they are not a good fit for their business.

This is where customised software comes in – did you know that businesses who use customised software programs, designed specifically to suit their business needs, increase their ROI and find that their systems run much more smoothly?

So how does developing customised software achieve all that? Well here are three sound reasons why you should include custom software development in your business planning:

  1. Increased productivity and profitability: Your business is unique with its own systems and processes. You may have systems in place for billing, for customer service and for warehousing or shipping.

Custom software can streamline and integrate all of these processes, allowing you to save both time and money. For example, answering in-house or customer queries about products, services, orders or deadlines – all of this information can be integrated and available at the click of a button.

The bottom line is that integrated customised software improves efficiency and increases competitiveness.

  1. You are not reliant on the seller: When you buy or use free off-the-shelf software you are dependent on the seller’s technology and their direction. It is important to know how often they update their software, and if these updates are in line with your future direction and growth.

For example, if the software doesn’t support mobile platforms, such as smart phones and IPads, then you are reliant on the developer producing timely updates to keep your business competitive.

On the other hand, custom software is developed specifically for your business and for your future growth – and you own it. Any new technology developments can be integrated into the software quite easily – you do not have to search around for new software that suits your growing needs.

You can also update your software as often as required, instead of waiting and hoping that when the new version is released that it includes the updates that your business requires.

  1. Custom software is cheaper: Obviously if something is free it is a lot cheaper than paying for it! But off-the-shelf free software has some hidden problems – all related to getting help when you need it.

Generic software comes with manuals and not much else. If you have a problem with the software or your staff need help learning how to use it – will the seller be there for you?

When you are running a business with a bottom line and you want a rapid solution – you want someone there fixing the problem. In the long run, having a developer available to help you and to update your software – as needed – is the cheaper option.

So if you want your business to be more competitive and efficient – consider including custom software development in your portfolio – it makes good business sense.

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