Blog VS Email Newsletters – Which Is Better For Business?

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The goal of content marketing is not to be pushy. You don’t want content to say “come here and buy my stuff”. You want it to say “check out what I got ‘coz I’m awesome”.

However, all businessmen know that finding time to write newsletters, blogs, podcasts and other content is a struggle. Therefore you need to prioritize a method that works for your business.

Blogs VS Newsletters

In the old days newsletters were emailed to people and blogs needed people to go to them. This meant that newsletters had better reach. But these days are gone thanks to WordPress widgets where you can set up an email subscription for your blog. This means that an email will be sent to subscribers every time you post new content.

So does this mean that blogs are better than email newsletters?

Here are reasons why you should blog:

  • New content gets indexed by Google which is good for your site in terms of SEO.
  • Post can cover a topic in depth allowing you to share your knowledge and establish your authority over the subject matter.
  • Blog posts let you target long tailed keywords.
  • Blog posts aren’t generally promotional so readers aren’t turned off by pushy content.
  • Readers can subscribe so that they will be alerted via email or via their RSS readers.
  • Posts are more shareable thanks to sharing plugins that hover around your content.
  • Blogs encourage comments and discussions which are flags for an engaged audience.
  • Blogs can be shared through social media and can be part of your social media strategy.

Email Newsletters:

email newsletters

Here’s why newsletters are still important:

  • Newsletters are more “companycentric”. You can include company news and promotional content.
  • They are hardworking lead generation tools for your business.
  • Newsletters can have a number of articles covering different topics on one theme.
  • No need for in-depth coverage of a topic.
  • You can target different segments of your database with different newsletter content.

So Which Is Better?

As you can see both blogs and email newsletters are important for your content marketing strategy because they help you build an email list.

However if you only have time for one strategy, we suggest you concentrate on blogging. This is mainly because it strengthens your “home base” or website.

You can still choose to do both though.

How To Rock A Blog & Newsletter

One of the smartest ways to use a newsletter is to make it a collation of recent blog posts. As long as you have a subscription you need to build your email list and you can use it to give subscribers a preview the awesome content in your blog which will encourage them to visit your website.

To spice up content of your newsletter include content from around the internet. Share blogs of interesting thought leaders, great tweets and other social media updates or events your readers might be interested in.

Social Media Sphere

A collation of more than one subject matter makes you more than an expert; it makes you a hub of knowledge.

Here are a few more tips:

  • Make it easy for people to subscribe or unsubscribe.
  • Give them a reason to subscribe.
  • Encourage readers to promote your content.
  • Promote newsletter and blog.
  • Keep readers interested with awesome content.

Have you chosen yet? Which method do you think is the best for your website? Will you do both?

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