Best Tools to make Killer App Prototypes

Making prototypes is always a necessity before you launch anything. It saves you from expensive failures and quickly weeds out approaches that don’t work to focus on those that do. You can also be sure of the requirements needed for the final design and the problems that you will encounter after the launch. Building a prototype ensures that risk of investment is lowered as the feasibility of the idea is demonstrated.
We suggest you different tools that will help you in creating a prototype of your app;

This tool will sketch your idea on paper, take photos and then render your images clickable within the app. Adding transitions becomes easy and Pop also exports a version so that people can start experiencing the app.

A bit complicated than Pop, this is a simple wire-framing tool which allows you to mock-up the user interface of a website, app or idea in a few minutes. Balsamiq has pre-built widgets that you can drag and drop onto a web or mobile template which empowers easy usage.

This is a collection of templates for Keynote or PowerPoint. Using the templates and design components that you get as part of the package will allow you to generate a sophisticated-looking mock-up using nothing more than basic presentation design skills. You can also add clickable areas to your presentation as well as export it as a clickable prototype in multiple formats.

Similar to Balsamiq and Keynotopia, there are many built-in widgets and components in Fluid Ul which enables you to drag and drop onto your design. Sharing mock-ups is easy and people get an idea of how the app will work. You can also bring your own design elements into the mock-up.

It allows you to prototype ideas on your iPad, importing flat images from Dropbox and making them clickable with a few taps as well as exporting it to people to check. Another interesting feature to AppCooker is enables you to test revenue expectations around the app which can be helpful for you. is unbelievably fast and fully interactive. Its additional feature is that it lets animate certain elements of the Fluid Ul, which makes it a better-looking prototype. There is also an option of feedback from testers which can ultimately help refine your app.

This software stresses more on rapid prototyping for designers and permits them to put their designs into a clickable and scroll able format and share it with testers to get feedback. However, it may not be the one for a total beginner but as you get bigger, it could be highly valuable.

Pixate is a visual prototyping tool which generates prototypes to allow you to experience your ideas on devices like they are completely real and preview interactive prototypes directly from your device.

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