Best Reasons To Use Magento 2 For Your Ecommerce Site

Reasons To Use Magento 2 For Your Ecommerce Site

When it comes to an ecommerce platform, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We all know that every platform has its own pros and cons and this is what makes choosing one confusing for store owners.

Ecommerce site owners want a store that is flexible and secure so that business runs smoothly. A PHP-based open-source CMS platform like Magento 2 is a good choice. Magento is a favourite choice as an ecommerce platform is not only flexible; it also has a variety of functions, extensions and is constantly upgraded to compete with other ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Magento 2 has eliminated issues that plagued the original version and comes with many great features that make it easy to develop a full-fledged functional shop.

Reasons To Use Magento 2 For Your Ecommerce Site

Here are some reasons why you should choose Magento 2 as an ecommerce platform for your website:

Owner’s Perspective

Usability & Flexibility

Usability is one of the top reasons to use Magento 2 as a platform for your website. It can help you build a build up a full-fledged eCommerce site with no borders thanks to the many tools and features such as automation and management of order, sales, and shipping, the inventory of products and the reporting of the products.

SEO Capabilities

Having a website is meaningless unless customers can find you online. Luckily Magento 2 has SEO features to help you optimize with ease.


This is one of the new features of Magento 2. It allows you to go beyond the national scope. This means that you can reach more customers by going on an international scale. Magento 2 has made development accessible by providing functionality and support for different languages and currencies.

Responsive Design

Mobile Web Design

In today’s age of mobile technology, more and more people are opting to access the internet through their mobile phones. You can be at a disadvantage if your site is not mobile friendly. Magento 2 has a responsive design layout so that you can develop a store that can be accessed by customers on their mobile devices.

Developer’s Perspective

Open Source

Magento 2 is an open source platform that makes the eCommerce development easy. It allows the developers to use every kind of templates with proper extensions and modules with widgets.

Easy Integration

Magento 2 makes eCommerce development easy by providing easy integration with the variety of databases that includes web/cloud services and third-party tools.


Mageto 2 is compatible with Zend, latest version of PHP, MySQL, Oracle, and Hadoop. This is because Magento’s development was done through the PHP framework.


One of the reasons why Magento is a favourite of developers around the world is speed. You can quickly build sites using Magento 2 that has 20% more speed compared to Magento 1.


Magento 2 has JavaScript library as a default jQuery library which makes it a hassle-free CMS to use. By having default JavaScript library avoids jQuery and Prototype problems while developers create innovative features and functionalities.


Cyber Security

Magento 2 is more secure than the previous versions. Magento 2 only has 5 folders in the root and it has removed skin folder from the root directory.  The JS, SKIN, ERROR, etc. folders shifted to a new directory called “Pub.” The change in structure has made the Magento 2 more secure and tougher to steal or hack code directly from the root folder.


Magento 2 provides developers the freedom so that they can enable or can disable the components that they want. This structure enhances the flexibility and performance of the Magento 2 based website.

Modern ecommerce shops need to be equipped with modern features in order to meet the ever rising expectations of online shoppers. Luckily, Magento 2 has a lot of features that can help improve shopping experience to give you the needed edge against competitors.

A Magento web developer in Sydney can help you with premium ecommerce solutions for maximum efficiency.

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