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Marketing is the business of promoting or selling products and services. it has become an essential part of doing business because competition is natural and normal among companies.

When you are a business, you want the best marketing agency money can buy because you want to be noticed and stand above your competition. In most cases, management usually prefers to deal with big or popular marketing agencies in the hopes of overcoming their competition.

However, bigger might not always be better. In fact, dealing with big marketing agencies can sabotage your growth as a company.

If you’re a business owner, looking for ways to reach a bigger audience hiring a small marketing agency might be to your advantage. Here are reasons why.

Less Red Tape

When you’re dealing with a big marketing company, there are many people involved and this does not usually include the team you’re working with. You have to talk to so many people, messages can get lost in the shuffle.

If you have direct contact with the team that’s handling your account, chances are you still have to deal with many team members which can be troublesome and make it difficult for you to get a cohesive team effort.

Smaller agencies on the other hand tend to have smaller teams so there is less people involved in your project so you know you’re dealing with less red tape which can lead to faster and more efficient execution of your marketing efforts.

One-On-One Focus

one-on-one focus

One of the reasons why marketing agencies grow is that they are able to land big accounts or they have many clients due to their popularity. While this is good news for the agency, this can be bad news for you.

When an agency has lots of clients, they might prioritize big or VIP accounts over you. This can be bad news for you especially if you’re in a competitive space. The sooner you can execute your strategy, the bigger your chance of capturing your target market.

Since small agencies have fewer clients, they actually have more time to devote to your account. This one-on-one attention can be beneficial to businesses as it can help boost their chances of success and help them dominate their competition.

Better and Easier Communication

The staff at a smaller or boutique marketing agencies are usually more communicative and easily available. If you call a team member you won’t be transferred from one department to another or put on hold for minutes at a time. In small agencies if another person other than the one you’re calling answers the phone, the correct person is usually just a shout away.

In a smaller group, communication is easier. This is because there are fewer ears and eyes that need to hear or read your message. The less people involved, the easier it is to get the right message across which makes it easier for teams to execute your message and create an effective marketing strategy.


Smaller agencies are also more flexible compared to big ones. If you need an adjustment in your marketing strategy, chances are you will get it within a reasonable amount of time.

In bigger agencies, even the smallest changes can mean delays. This is because team members will need to submit the adjustment for approvals to the higher ups and then they need to make sure that it is within protocols which will again need approval from their boss. Basically, it just means that changes need the approval of many people which in turn can cause costly delays for your part.

Small teams means there are less people involved which means better flexibility not only in changes that need to be made but also in terms of decision-making.


retail beacon

Big agencies are made up of industry experts and many of them can really help your brand or company stand out and succeed. However, they are also made up of businessmen who need to make a profit. This can be problematic because profit can be prioritized over the needs of your business.

Companies and their staff have also undergone corporate “brainwashing” resulting in team members that think alike or spew the same spiel over and over again. This is because big businesses tend to stick close to the protocols. This type of attitude can result in unoriginal strategies that can put you behind your competition or hinder your business growth.

Clients who want quicker updates, answers and progress have a better time dealing with small marketing agencies. They are usually quick to the point so conversations are usually on point so that questions are answered and updates are frequent.


Big marketing agencies don’t get where they are without charging an arm and a leg. Some of them even charge exorbitant amounts for just a simple promotion. This is because they know that their clients can afford it. If you’re a small business owner, huge marketing bills are not only unaffordable; they can also become a drain to your cash flow.

Luckily, smaller agencies are more wallet-friendly. This is why many corporate clients are getting wiser and are looking for smaller agencies that charge more reasonable fees for their services.


For big marketing agencies, a client is just another client. However, for smaller agencies, landing clients is a matter of survival. This is why they tend to be more passionate with projects and with this passion comes more creativity and better focus.

Small marketing agencies are a breeding ground for unique ideas and diligence. While they might not be as popular as their bigger cousins, hiring them can be more advantageous for business needs.

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