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Web developers like most of us live a fast-paced life. They use their cellphones a lot and not just for communication. Web developers are used to utilizing their cellphones for work instead of relying on their desktops and laptops. Smartphones and tablets also help extend working hours especially during commuting or traveling.

Using smartphones and tablet apps is also great when you don’t want to use a machine. This is why knowing which apps to download for coding, analytics and other web developing jobs is important. Check out some of the best android apps web developers use.

Adobe XD Mobile

Adobe XD mobile is available for Android and iOS too. It is a wireframing and prototyping tool that is a key part of the Creative Cloud. You can use the desktop version for design and prototyping and then see the changes across multiple devices connected through USB.  MacOS and Windows 10 users can also load Adobe XD documents from creative Cloud Files. Just place XD documents in your CC file folders on your desktop and then load them on Adobe XD using your mobile or tablet.

Analytix for Google Analytics

Web developers are always striving for traffic and analytics. Many of them rely on Google Analytics integrations within their websites and applications.

Luckily, mobile internet is now available to access GA accounts. Analytix was specifically built to answer GA’s purpose for mobile users. It provides almost all details of your GA account on the website you’re monitoring in a real-time manner.

Hackers Keyboard

Keyboards on Android devices are not coder-friendly. Many keyboard apps in market places also hardly meet coder needs. Fortunately Hacker’s keyboard is available for Android devices. It features full five rows and giving desktop-like experiences for anyone who uses it. Best of all it supports multiple layouts and there are also language options.

920 Text Editor

920 Text Editor is a wise choice if you want to view and edit your source code quickly. It has multiple file tabs and supports web syntaxes. 920 also features color coding configuration and automatically detects open file encoding with encoding support.

Web Applications

WordPress for Android

This app enables android devices of web developers to accomplish all WordPress-related backend tasks and gives access to all WordPress features and functionalities. This is a great tool because as we all know, half of all websites in the world is powered by WordPress so accessing dashboard as well as backend through this app on Android devices is real-mobility for many web developers.

Joooid 1.1 Joomla! Editor

Just like WordPress, Joomla is also a famous CMS and web developers also have to deal with backend to manage tasks. Therefore, Joooid is one of the best choices for Android mobile devices to manage affairs of your Joomla powered websites.

Note: There is also a Drupal Editor for Drupal users.

These apps are just some of the most useful tools for web developers who love working on their smartphones. Using these tools can greatly improve your mobile experience and enable you to accomplish tasks when you’re on the go.

Do you have a suggestion? Which of these apps do you frequently use? Tell us by leaving your comments below.

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