Basics of Local SEO for Small Businesses

Small business has always tried harder to get successful in the market and it was even harder when internet wasn’t that localized in our daily lives. Whereas, now the situation is totally opposite internet has brought a great opportunity to promote your ‘local’ and ‘small’ business on greater platform and the best part is that it’s free! Local search engine optimization is a great way of enhancing your services and products by taking into account all the pertinent that are forceful and beneficial on internet. Just by making a plain website is not enough specially when there are thousands of businesses competing online. Your website would not even show up on SERPs if you don’t update it consistently and enhance your performance by reaching out to the online customers. Here are some tips of where and how can you advertise your brand and services:

1.     Spot your business on Maps:

As we are aware of the fact in this fast pace era you cannot reach anywhere on time without a proper map directing towards it. Statistics has proved that on daily basis thousands of people use Google maps or Bing maps for searching for their potential destination. Maps can really pull your business on the lead when it’s not known. Such as if you own a Chinese restaurant in some local residential area, if it’s registered with Google maps any potential customer who is search for Chinese restaurant within your locality would be undoubtedly choose your services. Where if your business is not on Google maps listing they will choose the one that is linked on Google maps and it can be the one that is you competitor probably next door or right across the street.

2.     Citations:

Citations are probably one of the most important key factors that local SEO experts’ advice you to do in order to create a strong base for your business stability. Experts at Annzo Corporation local SEO Company can help you identify all the verified local directories that can relate your business for free. There is no harm in letting these directories advertise your services because your main purpose if to target potential customers from any online source successfully as you can. There are numbers of examples for citing your business address and verified phone number such as white and yellow pages, yelp, or craigslist. As an additional tip, choose established and authoritative sites such as DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, and Best of the Web. These are among the leading portals that many webmasters choose for submissions.

3.     Socialize your business:

Social engines has taken the lead as they are not only popular but is visited 24/7 through the globe with millions of people. Facebook is one of the biggest examples of a successful social engine and the best thing about facebook is that they let your make a business page just to promote and enhance your services by getting connected with your customer directly. There are thousands of entrepreneurs who only gained great push for their business only because of social integration.

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By: Awais Ahmad

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