8 Ways to Transform Your Blog Readers into Potential Leads


You are most likely already using blogs to make yourself visible online on different social media platforms and search engines. The importance of blogging is second to social media and email. According to the 2018 data report published by the Content Marketing Institute, 79% of B2B marketers and 70% of B2C marketers have blogs.

You are generating a large quantity of valuable traffic from blogs. But are you successfully converting your traffic to leads?

If not, it is high time for you to know how you can quickly change the audience visiting your blog into potential leads.

Turn your blog traffic into leads using these eight strategies.

1. Offer solution through blog posts

Fantastic and high-quality articles are an excellent way to increase traffic to your blog. But to turn your visitors into leads, you need to provide content that addresses their concerns and issues.

When an audience is surfing the web for a solution, then they are most likely in a state to buy. Offering solutions in your blog post help to grab this category of users.

Do not provide all the solutions and answers in your blog!! 

Strategically use this situation to make your visitors turn to leads. Give detailed solutions and answers through purchase, signing up or any means that suits your business.

One questions that might surface is how do you find the topic for your content.

Look through these approaches for generating subject for lead creating content.

A. Communicate with people. Start polls, raise questions on social media, send surveys to your customers and talk to your support team to know what topics are of concern.

B. It is always important to keep a close look at your competitors. See what they are up to. You will very often even come across ideas that might have escaped your mind.

C. Always keep a keen look over your Social Media accounts. Regularly check which conversations are drawing the most attention. Have a look at Google Trends to find trending topics.

D. Surf through the different Q&A sites. Websites like Quora are great places to find what people are asking or facing the problem. You can choose your blog content to be something that answers that question.

2. Smart CTAs to turn readers into leads

After populating your blogs with traffic, your main concern is how to convert this traffic into a lead. You need to divert these readers to your landing page. Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons are one of the most efficient ways to compel your audience to take action.

But, you need to use CTAs smartly to achieve your goal. You always need to keep your reader and clients in your mind when putting CTAs. Choose the one that best fits your niche. You can also try linking the text of your content to your desired landing page.

Most readers won’t simply click your call-to-action buttons. They need to be pushed to do so. For this, you have to have appealing text upon your buttons. Say, you want people to join for free. Then, you can go with the version “Join Free for a Month”. If you want them to download an eBook, then ask with the text “Download FREE eBook”. It is more appealing and bound to bring more leads. Make sure that your CTAs are visible.

3. Remarketing: Target your visitors

Remarketing or retargeting your audience is a proven tactic of grabbing more leads form your blogs. Whenever a visitor comes and visits your site and leaves with or without any purchase; attach a small code called pixel to keep track of them. Use tools like Google AdWords, ReTargeter, AdRoll, Perfect Audience or PixelMe for retargeting. What they do is provide ads to your sites on the pages they are browsing which can act as a potential lead generator.

4. Content Creation: Analyse the buying cycle

For your blog content to persuade people, first you need to target which stage of the buying cycle your readers are at. You can divide the buying cycle into four phases.

A. Necessity:

Need is something that we continuously have, but not always sure what the need is for. It can be the need for painting your house or the need for a new television.

B. Primary Survey:

Feeling the need for the next step that customers take is search online for possible solutions to their problem. After researching and going through the offers available, a client finds one that best suits them.

C. The Road to Purchase:

After a customer has already chosen what he needs and where to purchase it from, their next step will be to find the purchase procedure.

D. Purchase:

The final step is to purchase the product following the appropriate procedure.

When you are creating blog content, your focus should be on the second stage where people are looking for solutions. Provide valid and informational content which will provide a customer with the answers they are looking for. If a reader finds your content useful, they are more likely to turn into potential leads.

5. Monetise on emotions

Emotions are mostly responsible for molding our decisions. We tend to follow what our mind tells us and based on that take the final decision. If you are smart, you will be taking this factor into account when creating your content. Some ways to dictate customers’ emotion are –

A. Stimulate Positivity:

When do you consider buying something? The answer is when it invokes a positive feeling inside of you.

B. Build a positive relationship:

If your customer trusts you and has a good relationship with you; then they are more likely to consider you for providing service.

C. Reassure your customers:

Assure your customers that they are making the right choice. A great way to do that is to offer a 100% money back guarantee.

6. Organize a webinar

One way to bring in more leads is to make it more engaging. Incorporate voice into your content. Webinars can be the perfect way to do so. Discuss and demonstrate a new product or services. Include forms and questions into it to get the maximum amount of leads.

7. Persuasive: Convince and build trust

Readers will become your buyers only if they trust you. You have to establish this trust through your blog content. People are reluctant to hand over their personal information. Your job is to create an atmosphere where they are comfortable. Your ultimate goal would be to persuade and convince them to buy or choose your service.

Dr Robert Cialdini in his book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” has come up with six tactics that can be used to persuade your audience.

A. Reciprocation

Reciprocation dictates that if one person does you a favour, then you are to return the favour with kindness. The same concept applies to your blog. If you provide high quality and informational blog to your readers on a regular interval. Then at one point, they would be willing to share their email address with you to get updates of your recent activity. Also, it would build up trust.

B. Be Committed and Consistent

Commitment and Consistency can act as a silent weapon influencing people. You can start by being committed to publish more articles and stick to your word. Seeing your commitment will give rise to the audience’s faith in you. Also, remember to be consistent in your service of providing valuable contents. Seeing such commitment, your readers are more likely to agree to share their name and contact details.

C. Social Proof

Whenever a user searches for information or service online, then the first search its authenticity. Your presence in Social Media as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others demonstrates that you are genuine. Also, how many people know about you and their reviews and testimonials serves the purpose of building their trust in you.

Be sure to put your reviews and testimonials in plain sight. It will act as a catalyst in convincing new visitors to sign on, choose your service or purchase your product.

D. Liking

Most people are likely to say yes to someone they know and like. So, be that person everyone trusts and likes. Be approachable always emitting a friendly, helpful, entertaining, positive, engaging and relatable aura.

E. Authority

To persuade people to join you, you need to become an authoritative figure in your niche. Be active and engage in different social Medias answering people’s question and display your knowledge.

F. Scarcity

Create scarcity to entice people into joining up or buying your product. Amazon has used these tactics to increase their sales. But, don’t overuse this strategy or people might feel manipulated.

8. Urgency through Creating FOMO

Introducing urgency will make your visitors more inclined to becoming leads just as when a sale goes on for a short time. Build up the importance of buying your product as soon as possible by providing data and examples in your blog.

Position yourself ahead of the game and make use of these simple tactics to convert traffic from your blog to nurtured leads. Turn your active blog which previously was used only to spread business knowledge into a monetizable tool.

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