8 Benefits Of Working With DotNetNuke CMS

An open-source tool used for purposes of web application development, the DotNetNuke CMS makes use of the Microsoft ASP .NET framework for providing an able support to the ecosystem. It is a powerful development tool that boasts a highly smooth, dynamic, and extensible interface. It gives maximum flexibility in customization- be it a development of fundamental elements such as skins, or some of the more advanced modules.

One of the best aspects of using this DotNetNuke CMS is that the developers do not need any amount of technical knowledge for performing the various operations. Moreover when it comes to such functions as change in page layout, it practically does not require any amount of IT support. Thus, if you have a website that is based on this popular CMS tool it will have very low maintenance and operational costs associated with it.

Let us now take a look at the eight key benefits on offer from the DotNetNuke CMS system.

Easy installation process

When you are building a DotNetNuke web content management platform, you can have it up and running within a matter of minutes. Simply download the software and follow the even simpler installation instructions that follow. Moreover, there are a large number of web hosting companies that offer DotNetNuke hosting packages inclusive of the support and tools to make the project setup a whole lot easier.

Easy to use

The DotNetNuke CMS makes it easy for the designers, developers, content editors, as well as the administrators to manage every aspect of their asset (read, the website). Wizards, content-sensitive help, and a user interface that really packs a punch make for a really smooth user experience.

High amount of flexibility

The DotNetNuke CMS is capable of supporting multiple websites from the installation of a single application. By having the administrative tasks divided between the various individual site levels and host levels, administrators are given the freedom of managing an unlimited number of websites with each of them having their very own unique content and appearance to work with.

Laden with features

This popular CMS has a set of built-in features capable of providing exceptional functionality. Membership options, security, content management, web design and site hosting can all be managed and customized easily through the use of simple, browser-based tools.

Localized development tool

This Dot Net-based CMS comes with a multi-language localization management feature. With this, administrators have the option of easily translating and managing their website in any language. Credited with the luxury of having an international group of developers and web hosters working within the DotNetNuke ecosystem there is always native support for this tool close at hand.

Leading-edge tool

With the DotNetNuke web content management platform, developers are afforded the opportunity of leveraging best-practices and concepts pertaining to software development. They can also make best use of the numerous leading-edge technologies such as Windows Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio, and ASP .NET.

Superior flexibility and extensibility

This CMS tool fits in seamlessly with the existing computing environments. It has a core framework that includes a series of open APIs which make integration with existing applications straightforward and simple. Thus the concerned organisations can focus on extending functionality and feature rather than troubleshooting the installations. Moreover, DotNetNuke CMS is flexible enough to be used for all purposes and that includes swap outs, major overhauls, minor site modifications, and development of new applications.

It is globally recognized

The DotNetNuke CMS is not only respected in the open source community but also widely recognized. A vast number of websites around the world are built on this popular Dot Net-based content management platform. Members of the DotNetNuke Corp. and DotNetNuke community continue to work together towards evolving the software through a rigorous program that includes development, testing, community participation, real world trials, and end-user feedbacks.

Content Management Systems today are an integral part of every business. Every organisation now has a website and associated content to go alongside. This vast amount of content needs to be efficiently managed so that the readers are able to find precisely what they are looking for, thus increasing your business value.

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