5 Things Online Marketers Should Know About User Experience – UX


5 Things Online Marketers Should Know About Usehr Experience – UX

PrintIn the broadest sense, user experience (UX) refers to any communication between a customer and a brand. This interaction is steadily becoming a standard in today’s digital realm, although in the past, it was considered to be restricted to website design. While that is still partly true, there are also other aspects which can significantly impact user experience.  Namely, UX also encompasses a complex matrix of factors such as usability, functionality, email marketing, content strategy, customer support, advertising, social media marketing and website copy.

The Foundations of Loyalty

Building customer loyalty is paramount to the efforts of the online marketers. There are two crucial pillars to focus on here: responsive design and consistent messaging. Responsive design is the cornerstone of the consistent UX, due to the fact that customers are engaging with your brand via various devices such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops. If you make the mistake of ignoring one of these channels, a large portion of users will not be able to immerse in your brand. Hence, loyalty is assembled by allowing users to access your digital, branded environment via devices of their choosing. 

The Message

Consistent messaging is also significant, but you absolutely should not bombard users with a barrage of messages from all sides, because they will become overwhelmed and confused. Instead, align your marketing weapons with one core message, which you want to use as a bridge to reach customers. So, try to create a short, on-point piece of info and make it visible in social media, your website, through your content or paid advertising.  And, in case your company does not put much thought into UX, you can impress your boss with your knowledge and suggestions on how to improve it.

Pulling People in

Usability is a vital segment of any user experience. It relates to how easy a system is to use, its efficiency and whether it is seen as functional by the users. On the other hand, UX refers to the user’s feelings and attitudes when connecting with your product or services. Even though it is only a fraction of the overall UX, usability is essential for your customer’s positive or negative involvement. Furthermore, note that great UX generates brand advocates. This is pretty logical, because when a great UX thrills your customers, they will, no doubt, spread a good word of mouth about your products or services.

Perceived Load Time vs. the Truth

The perceived loading time is often deemed more significant than true loading time. Although this seems strange, it rings true and echoes the psychological wisdom. Simply put, if users have trouble finding something on a site, they will consider the load time to be slower that it actually is. On the contrary, if they discover the info quickly and with ease, they will observe the load time as faster that it really is. So, not making people wait is an important factor of the UX.

Optimum Performance

At last, bear in mind that there are several ways in which users pinpoint desired content online: browsing, searching and asking their social network. Thus, it is essential to know the importance of labeling, organizing, and formatting website content, so that both humans and algorithms can access and understand everything without problems. Good SEO is a backbone of UX, because it makes a website rank higher in search rankings, and therefore, easy to find and enjoy.

The Shape of Success

After putting staggering amounts of time and money into advertising, the marketers, webmasters and entrepreneurs have found their way to the new digital frontier, one where a new approach is called for. They must shape up or ship out, or to be more precise, make an effort to shape an impeccable user experience around their products. UX will inevitably become the booming center of the digital marketing universe in the future, and swimming against strong current is something you would do at your own peril.

 Author Bio – submitted by: Oscar Waterworth 

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