5 SEO Secrets to find and build your page rank.


5 SEO Secrets to find and build your page rank.

My friend Rob has created a great website takemyphotograph which he is promoting but wants to know how his page is tracking.

Here’s some tips on what to do to see your page status in the search engines:

1) log in to Google webmaster tools and check up on your site. You will have to confirm ownership of the domain first but the tools are excellent.

2) go to SEOMOZ and go to the tools section to perform various tests on your site.  It might be bad news for now but at least you can improve.

3) Go to google search and search for site:creative-web-designer.com substitute my domain for your own this will bring up all pages for your site that have been indexed by google.  also info:yourdomain.com will yield some good info.

4) go to ScrubTheWeb for some more tools such as meta tag analyser.

5) finally don’t rely on SEO alone, get out there post your links, interact will other sites, build a network.  SEO takes time.

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