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5 Must Have Features You Can Always Count On

5 must have e-commerce features you can always count onYou can easily search Google and browse for an e-commerce platform of your liking. Though the web doesn’t fall short in supply of e-commerce solutions, not all of them possess the best features. Many would resort to invent their own customized e-commerce solution to take care of their own local business requirements. But even then, their software would fail to meet expected standards as their budget run low and could no longer support further improvement. For this reason, proprietary e-commerce solutions have a better advantage because it has all the financial support it needs to develop fully. E-commerce platforms can be obtained for free while others charge a reasonable fee. Regardless of how you obtain your software, make sure it has all the 5 must have e-commerce features you can always count on built into the system.

  1. Customizable URL support

    Understanding the importance of SEO in designating a higher rank of your e-commerce site will urge you to choose an e-commerce platform whose feature allows for easy customization of the site’s URL for products and categories. It makes no sense not to use an SEO friendly URL. After all, you are into online trading, you’re website needs to be at the vicinity where public eyes can easily spot it. This is possible if the URL can be changed to contain keywords related to what you are selling or promoting. For improving your sales conversion, take this into your list of 5 must have e-commerce features you can always count on.

  2. Support for product filtering search

    Give your customers the benefit of ease when searching for the product of their choice. Rather than placing the burden on them when searching for a particular product by opening many pages using categories, you can provide a better, faster targeted product search through product filtering. For example, to make a filtered search for athletic shoes, you might indicate: shoes, adidas, running, climacool, blue, 10.5. A focused search can effectively find the specific product of choice, plus speed up the search remarkably. The easier it is to use your site, the more likelihood that people will buy from you. Ease of use is definitely a plus factor for your e-commerce site, so this functionality is indisputably one of the 5 must have e-commerce features you can always count on.

  3. Cross-sell, upsell, and products suggestion support

    5 must have e-commerce features you can always count on upsellIf you’ve tried buying from Amazon, you’ll immediately noticed how the site handle its offers. One notable characteristic is product suggestion showing relationship or complement between products and even popularity. It’s such an ingenious way of stimulating interest to buy more by opening up new perspectives which stirs curiosity from customers. I am talking about Amazon’s “customers who bought this item also bought this” and “frequently bought together items” kind of feature. Your e-commerce platform must have this type of feature permitting upselling and cross-selling techniques. Upselling excites customers to buy the higher more expensive variation of the product while cross-selling entices customers to buy more by suggesting other products from other categories. Upon examining your e-commerce software ascertain that it is well geared with this type of feature. Cross-selling, upselling, and product suggestion must surely come into the list of 5 must have e-commerce features you can always count on.

  4. Manageable checkout procedure

    Many checkout processes from a lot of shopping sites don’t work very easily. A lot of times it confuses you more. Shopping should be a pleasant experience for customers to guarantee repeat transaction. Make certain that your website provide easy, multiple ways to checkout orders. Your checkout procedure should have: a) guest checkout; b) single page checkout; c) automatic shipping cost calcuation; and d) final price with discounts and shipping. Another display of the importance of usability gives this feature a winning favor in the list of 5 must have e-commerce features you can always count on.

  5. Product Reviews

    Product Reviews give your customers wisdom about the product they intend to buy. It allows them to understand more about the product by reading comments and critiques from other buyers. As an owner of a shopping website, product reviews will give you an idea which products to recommend more and which ones to supersede. Product review feature cultivates trust from customers which is a fantastic marketing technique, therefore, it’s the perfect reason to take it into the list of 5 must have e-commerce features you can always count on.

by: carl pineda

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