5 Effective Ways to Get Backlinks From Social Profiles


Getting backlinks is an effective SEO strategy for your site to gain more foot traffic. Of course, it can be very tricky and tedious and you have to maintain your integrity by sticking to White Hat practices only.

One of the ways to get more links is by making use of your social profiles. But the thing is, social profile linking has garnered a bad rep for being somewhat spammy and shady. This is due to using random profiles, some of which may not even be real. But even if this is the case, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it in an authentic and legitimate manner.

Here are 5 effective and very doable ways in which you can garner more links using different social profiles.

1. Forum Profiles

Community forums such as Reddit and Quora make for a great opportunity not just to increase your backlinks, but to also connect with highly technical and authoritative people online.

If you’re heavily involved in a certain niche industry, forums may be the way to go to establish connections with relevant people. You can comment and answer tons of questions and even start discussions with those who are also within your niche. Of course, just make sure that you provide substantial information.

You can start with answering some minor questions, completing your profile, and keeping active before proceeding to share your own valuable content.

2. LinkedIn Profile

Sharing valuable information on LinkedIn can also prove to be beneficial for getting more links. Compared to Facebook and other social media platforms, you have a higher chance of reaching out to the right people through LinkedIn, especially if you belong to a technical or niche field.

Make sure to have your LinkedIn profile complete and looking professional so as to increase your credibility in sharing content. You can also connect with other professionals outside of your work or industry, who may find the information you’re sharing to be of value to them.

If you’re handling your company’s LinkedIn profile, you can setup a posting schedule for various content pieces. You may even ask your superior or the executive in your office if you can publish the posts through their profiles to increase chances of click-throughs given the credibility their profiles have.

3. Profile of an Executive

Speaking of executives, there’s so much you can do once you’ve gained access to an executive’s profile in terms of networking and getting links. Simply put, a profile of an executive holds more credibility and earns more trust than that of a general company profile.

An exec’s profile (e.g. CEO, CMO, Manager, etc) puts a more humane approach in networking and anyone who would connect with them would feel more privileged, therefore trust is built more easily. Any outreach message or shared content done using an executive’s profile would stand out in a sea of various messages and posts on social networking sites.

It goes without saying that this should be done with the executive still involved in the process. Of course, it wouldn’t bode well for the exec or for the company should there be a direct dialogue with the exec without him/her knowing about what was shared through his profile.

4. Facebook Profile & Ads

Even with a small amount, you can readily boost your post and target it towards the right audience in Facebook.

The key in getting the most out of this technique is to have a more narrowed down and concise targeting. Even with less ad spend, you’ll have higher chances of garnering more interest with the quality of your targeted audience.

As with any other form of content, make sure that the post you boost and promote provides substantial and useful information. You’ll be surprised with how far its reach can be, since the audience themselves may even share and repost it to their own networks.

5. Connect With Social Media Profiles of Authorities

Be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even Snapchat, you can easily build rapport and genuine connection with authorities in different fields through social media profiles.

It’s as simple as following or following back and making sure that you send out a genuine message to kick things off. You can show genuine admiration for the work they do or perhaps provide some insightful comment or opinion on a certain topic they featured or talked about.

As you continue to build the relationship, you can even ask them to also promote the link to your site or post given that there is mutual trust established along the way. This method may take more time and effort but the results would be extremely beneficial, especially if you’ve managed to help one another in your respective ventures.


Surely, getting more links through social profiles isn’t the quickest way to increase your backlinks but it’s definitely one of the most rewarding given the authentic connection you’re bound to build along the way.

You’re not just building connections but you’re also establishing trust within the online community, which in return would also be beneficial in increasing your reach as they share your content to their own networks. Do remember that these connections are a two-way street, so also make sure to return the favor or take the initiative to also share and promote the work of others as well.

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