The use of mobile phones is beyond just text messages and phone calls. Nowadays, users use smartphones to update their social media networks about their whereabouts with the help of location-based mobile apps i.e. update where they are eating, with whom are they travelling with, where are they travelling to and what they are doing et-cetera in real-time. Location-based mobile technology enables users to interact with their friends and colleagues, while they are on the go.

The following are some of the benefits that this technology offers to businesses around the world:

  • Real-time Communication

This feature helps business owners to communicate with their existing and potential customers, who are already using location-based mobile apps through real-time communication i.e. when the users opt-in to location-based programs, businesses can send them text or email alerts regarding in-store savings or special sales. Users can be connected to their preferred stores and whenever they check-in in nearby places, the store can get alerts or can send special offers to attract them in. Users can also share their experiences about the businesses whenever they want to, as well.

  • Consumers Share Experiences

Consumers can share their experiences about various businesses with their family, friends and colleagues, with the help of location-based mobile apps. They can even use it to introduce others to new businesses and make them familiar with it. They can also leave reviews for their friends or send mobile communications like invitations or referral offers for shopping and dining et-cetera to their peers. These factors help the business in boosting the sales and reputation up; potentially increasing the customer base and customer retention, manifolds.

  • Publicize Business Location

Location-based mobile networking technology is the most effective when businesses stay as active participants. To be a part of this technology, businesses need to list their business addresses with services like Google Places et-cetera, to enable the customer to know how to get to your business. If the business is listed to such services, potential customers can find out what their friends, family or colleagues feel about the business through discussions on location-based networks.

  • Offer Customer Rewards

Businesses can reward their customers for sharing positive reviews about the business on location-based mobile networks by giving them special offers & coupons when they visit the store. It helps in building customer loyalty and customer retention. Customers can play in contests and share contest experiences on their networks to enhance the clientele of the business. These customers can be rewarded with free food, discounts, invitation to special events and recognition in the business’ social media networks.

  • Monitor Customer Comments

Location-based mobile technology helps the businesses in monitoring customer behavior. The reviews tell the business about the truths of customer experiences regarding the products and services that are offered to them like the menu, pricing, ambience, customer service, entertainment options and staff behavior et-cetera that is freely shared on the networks. Businesses can answer customer queries and address complaints to make them feel important and improve for the better. It helps in improving sales and building a better reputation of the brand.



The above mentioned benefits play an important role in improving business opportunities, if practiced strategically. Business owners should understand the benefits of mobile apps & this new technology to implement it soon and avail the benefits sooner.

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